Virgin Launches $59 Canada-Wide BYOD Plan with 2GB Data, Matches Koodo


Earlier this month Koodo launched a $59 Canada-wide “SIM-only” plan (aka bring your own device or BYOD) that included 2GB of data.

Now, Virgin has launched the exact same plan to match Koodo, offering unlimited anytime Canada-wide minutes, unlimited SMS/MMS to Canada/USA and unlimited international SMS and 2GB of data ($5/250MB overages):

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The plan already includes the 10% off BYOD discount like Koodo and a SIM card will cost you $4.99.

Who said there isn’t wireless competition in Canada (still waiting for you Fido)?


  • Brandon

    Fido already has had this for 2 weeks now

  • Where?

  • Bob
  • Dr. J

    It’s only available in store, but all dealers were notified on January 28th of the new BYOD plan.

  • Brandon

    I work at a Fido corporate store – on Jan. 28 we began offering the exact same $59 plan to customers for BYOP. Guess it’s not being heavily advertised, but we’ve had the ability to offer this plan to customers for almost as long as Koodo has been offering it

  • Ah, good to know thanks

  • gmd

    Trim the data down, take the unlimited voice calling to 150 minutes, and put it below $40 and I’m in!