Virgin Mobile Adds $94/month Unlimited Canada-Wide Plan with 5GB Data


Virgin Mobile has added a new $94/month Silver Plan (up to $200 subsidy) which features unlimited nationwide calling and 5GB of data. It’s also available under Gold Plans (up to $300 subsidy) for $5 more at $99 per month. Data overages are charged at $5/250MB.

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This plan looks to match the same $94 Tab Small and $99 Tab Medium plans from Koodo, available since late May:

Screenshot 2014 06 13 11 15 05

There’s no mention of this $94/month plan on Fido’s website (yet).

If you’re bringing your own unlocked iPhone, you can take 10% off these prices, so the $94 plan works out to $84.60 per month plus taxes.

Let us know if you’re going to jump on any of these plans.


  • Canada is for sure going backward! $94 plus tax a month???? This is over 100 per month on a cell phone bill! Who can afford this?

  • I remember paying close to $100/month when I had the 6GB/$30 plan with Rogers. But based on my usage it was overkill so the $56/month Fido plan with 2GB from late 2012 has held up so far.

  • Gary, the problem now is that these grandfather plans are becoming the target of the big three… Say for example, if Fido decided to hike prices by $5 or $10, any sensible clients will be held to hostage to pay this amount

  • Yeah, the recent $5 hike for the 6GB/$30 plan is exactly that. Crossing my fingers some grandfathered plans will remain untouched off contract.

  • Peter Pottinger

    I pay $75/mo all in (taxes) for unlimited cdn wide, 2gb data, call display+voicemail, so an extra 3gb of slow ass data for an extra 25 bucks doesn’t sound too appelaing

  • I have a feeling that the big three is going to follow each other. They really don’t like people using their own device and love them of contract.

  • MrXax

    What is this, 2004? Good luck with that, Virgin.

  • DoctorT

    What happened to all these prices? 🙁

  • Jezzah

    As much as I love the speed of LTE, I may have to suck it up and accept slower data from Wind. At this rate, rogers seems hellbent on losing me as a longtime customer of almost 15 years.