Virgin Mobile Extends $55 Student Plan Until Further Notice


With the Big Three (Telus, Bell, Rogers) dominating the Canadian wireless landscape, Virgin Mobile, now a subsidiary of Bell Mobility, seems to get forgotten that it too supports the iPhone!

This week, Virgin Mobile has extended its existing $55 Smartphone student plan until further notice. The plan is available to both current and new Virgin Mobile customers.

If you are into Virgin Mobile, the plan is available at your local Virgin Mobile or Apple Store. As an existing Virgin Mobile customer, just make sure you have a smartphone and then call Virgin Mobile to switch.

For reference, the extended plan is detailed below:

$55 Smartphone Student Plan

  • Minutes: 200 minutes daytime
  • Evening/Weekends: Unlimited; 6PM Evenings
  • Data: 1GB
  • Included Features: My10 Nationwide, Unlimited Text & Picture messages

Note that as with any student plan, the $55 Smartphone student plan will require valid student identification from a post-secondary institution in Canada.


  • alex

    I’m planning to get an iphone sometime in december and have been looking at this plan. Do you think it would be possible to switch the my10 nationwide for voicemail/callerid?

  • Vlabhi2k

    IT IS NOW 60 BUCKS.. 🙁 and anyone can get it.

  • Sweet and awesome. Also, you can go into the source, and start asking them about telus, how you’re looking at their plans, and ask them if they have TELUS phones (They don’t) then they SHOULD push this “unadvertised” student plan to you 🙂