Virgin Mobile Introducing 2-Year Term Pricing August 1, With $5/month Increase


Carriers continue to release internal memos in regards to two-year plan pricing, with the latest coming from Bell’s subsidiary, Virgin Mobile. According to a memo acquired by MobileSyrup, the company will make the following changes as of August 1, 2013:

  • Saying goodbye to our old pal, Virgin Mobile SuperTab
  • Moving all our plans to 2 Year Agreements
  • Increasing the price on all of our plans by $5

Plan tiers will remain at Silver, Gold and Platinum and have the same features but will be priced differently, based on what the Tab amounts are for various smartphones.

The memo says “Moving to 2 Year Agreements will allow us to provide Members with the flexibility to upgrade to a hotter smartphone when the time is right!”

TELUS has officially announced its two-year plan pricing, while Bell’s plans have unofficially leaked already while a Rogers memo from earlier today noted two-year changes would be “coming shortly”.

No big surprise here folks. Two year contracts are going to be the norm now, but of course they will be more expensive than before, as the incumbents hinted to us previously.



  • K3

    Odd thought but for those that aren’t on any current subsidy with any carrier – plan increase by $5 per month there as well?

  • Kaet

    That’s the problem. You pay the same price subsidy or not on all the carriers.