Virgin Mobile Launches New $45 Unlimited Plan


This week, to compete with Fido’s new $35 Unlimited Plan, Virgin Mobile has released a new unlimited calling plan that is available on a 3-year contract for an iPhone. The plan is available to new and existing customers.

With the plan and a minimum $25 data plan on a 3-year contract, customers receive promotional pricing on an iPhone device ($159/$269).

$45 Unlimited Incoming Plus Plan

  • Minutes: Unlimited minutes
  • Evening/Weekends: Unlimited minutes
  • Included Features: Unlimited Canada/US/International text messages, Caller Display

Note: The plan is not available in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Plan expires March 31, 2011.

The new plan is $10 more than Fido’s unlimited plan, but the Virgin Mobile plan is not zoned. Fido’s plan restricts users to their CityFido zones, but Fido does have per-second billing and Fido dollars. The Virgin Mobile plan also includes Caller Display.

So if you were to compare the Fido offer and the Virgin Mobile offer, Fido’s $35 + $7 for Caller Display is $42 for unlimited zoned minutes versus Virgin’s $45 for unlimited un-zoned minutes.



  • Although Virgin touts the superiority of their plan by the “No zone” ad-speak, it is unclear (at least to me) what that means – I have to be located in my zone to make free calls, or I can be in any zone and make free calls to the whichever zone I am in. Although the second one would have been the actual competitor to Fido, the line “long distance applies when the member is outside *their* local area” (emphasis mine) sounds fishy to me.

    Also, with no 2G fallback, you are kinda limited in your zones anyways, unless the Telus/Bell GSM/HSPA network is comparable to the Rogers 2G/3G network in coverage in the areas you travel to.

  • Tomsiphone

    I stand to be corrected…so feel free all 🙂

    I think what they are saying, Argun, is if you have a Toronto number, the calls are free/unlimited if you are in Toronto. But, if you go to Barrie (outside the local Toronto calling area) LOCAL Barrie numbers are free but not calls to/from Toronto.

    As I read the post, there are no zones with the Virgin plan. I think that only applies to Fido.

    Again, I stand to be corrected 🙂

  • Mohammed

    Well I just called virgin and got this plan with my iPhone.
    First agent told me that it’s not available for IPhone so I told her ok go to he’ll
    I called 1 min later and the other agent add it to me with no problem
    So now I have

    Unlimited local calls
    Unlimited text messages national/international
    6GB Data
    All for $75 per month +tax

  • Mohammed

    Forgot to mention call display also included

  • Anonymous

    You told her to go to hell?

    You’re an idiot.

  • Mohammed

    Like u

  • mddg

    virgin also has a zoned 35$ unlimited plan folks. and it includes caller display, international text and unlimited text

  • Anonymous

    You called a CSR at a telecom company, who is at the mercy of her management team to provide up-to-date information regarding plans and policy changes, and because she was unaware of the change, it’s her ‘fault’? You then proceed to insult her, proving my above point.

    No, sir, you’re the idiot.

  • Auto Strada

    dash8311, he wasn’t being an idiot. He was just trying to show off to us that he knew more about what Virgin Mobile offered over their own CSRs.

    Typical, douche who thinks just because someone doesn’t know something within their environment, is automatically open to insult. That’s how kids are these days. Another way of saying immature.

    But then again, I’m not surprised, especially for someone who actually misspelled “hell”.

    Wow, I guess, there’s one born every minute.

  • Ex

    That plan is for CDMA phones only.

  • N Hooper

    This plan is not that good still!
    We need the CRTC to be abolished or remove foreign ownership restrictions and let new carriers operate in this country.
    That is the only way there will be better prices and more competition. Competition Bureau, WAKE UP!

  • I already have this plan on my iPhone and this is really so cool. I really love the unlimited texts especially the unlimited texts international. Now, I can easily text my girlfriend from Philippines.

  • Dave

    I got this plan and with no contract as I already owned the phone. Seemed like a great deal to me. I also ended up getting call display and voice mail with the deal.