Virgin Mobile Launches New “Smartphone 73 – 6 GB” Plan


All current & upcoming Virgin Mobile carrier users may want to feast their eyes on this plan. MobileSyrup is reported that Virgin Mobile launched a new plan labeled “Smartphone 73 – 6 GB” today, September 13th. The plan is for all new & existing postpaid customers.

This plan is strictly a “hot exclusive limited time offer” that must be grabbed before “store close on September 30th.” Now on with the details of the plan:

– 200 Anytime Minutes
– Weekends & Evenings starting at 6PM
– Unlimited Canada, U.S. & International Text & Picture Messaging
– Unlimited Canada-Wide Talk & Text to 10 Buddies
– 6 GB of Data

The cost will be $73 a month, which explains the name of the title. You can view the plan on their website right now by clicking here. The deal seems to simply tack on 3 GB of data to the older $73 plan.

What are your thoughts on this deal?


  • cUn1t

    I’m not that big of a fan of that plan. Virgin just had the $60 6GB plan going like a month ago.

  • Mark

    $60 Superplan offeredby all the major carrier last month was the same package AND cheaper. Glad I got on that.

  • JKDK

    I don’t see it – if it’s still there, please post a link.