Virgin Mobile Promo: Double the Data on $45-$65 Gold Plans


After Fido yesterday doubled the data on its $45, $55, and $65 Smart Plans, as many of you predicted, Virgin Mobile has followed suit to do the exact same to its Canada-wide Gold Plans (expect Koodo follow shortly). Do note there is also an $80 plan with 3GB data as well:

Screen Shot 2013 09 25 at 10 02 33 AM

If you recently signed up to one of these Gold Plans, call in and ask to update to this latest plan so you get double the data.


  • Wow this was unexpected!

    …wait… Fido did this yesterday…

  • wah_gee

    Monkey see, monkey do. 🙂

  • Sean548

    Woowho! I just got an iPhone 5c yesterday. The listed plan only came with 1GB. I knew Virgin would release the Double Data promo again. I didn’t think I would only have to wait 1 day.

  • Call in!

  • Sean548

    I did, it only took 3 minutes. Virgin is pretty good at customer service.

  • Mason

    Why not just go with WIND? $40/m unlimited talk+txt+6gb data.

  • Sean548

    Because I get zero bars of service in my living room.