Virgin Mobile Reduces Anytime Minutes by 50% on $34/Month Gold Plan


Virgin Mobile has updated its Gold Plans page to reflect a reduction in anytime minutes on its ‘limited time offer’ $34/month plan, from 200 minutes to 100—a 50% reduction:

Screenshot 2014 05 09 11 25 19

As of writing, both Fido and Koodo still show 200 anytime minutes on the same plan:

Screenshot 2014 05 09 11 25 10

Screenshot 2014 05 09 11 25 01

If history repeats itself, many would expect Fido and Koodo to also reduce their minutes too, since these plans always are revised to reflect the same details. Looks like for those not careful, the $34 Gold Plan is now ripe for overages in minutes (100 only) and data (50MB only).


  • gtasscarlo

    Canadian wireless plans are a joke. I mean 100 minutes exclusive plan. What a joke.

  • JC

    they better 50% off the plan at the same time…

  • shades

    My Wind Holiday Miracle Plan looks better every passing month 🙂