Virgin Mobile Revamps Plans; BYOD Starts at $50/1GB + 500 Minutes


Bell’s flanker brand Virgin Mobile is set to revamp their plans entirely, set to take place today, changes which appear to fall in line with competitors.

According to internal documents viewed by MobileSyrup, Virgin will debut their expected Diamond tier, plus revamp which plans have Canada-wide minutes and data allotments.

Below are the prices for upcoming BYOD plans with 500 Canada-wide minutes; adding unlimited Canada-wide calling is $5 extra per month:

  • $50 for 1GB
  • $60 for 3GB
  • $70 for 5GB
  • $85 for 8GB
  • $115 for 10GB
Previous data buckets were at 500MB, 2GB, 3GB, 4GB and 10GB allotments. Looks like unlimited Canada-wide calling is no longer going to be standard fare amongst flanker brands, as we are now seeing the option as a $5/month premium.
Screenshot 2018 03 07 09 15 14
As you can see from the screenshot above, the plan revamps are live on the Virgin website, but the Diamond tier isn’t showing yet.
Telus-owned Koodo Mobile recently increased their monthly plans by $5, while unlimited Canada-wide calling minutes were axed for some plans. Telus also increased their voice plans by $5 per month as well.
For now, competitor Fido still shows a BYOD plan starting at $50/1GB (but with unlimited Canada-wide calling), but you can probably expect the latter to follow suit and reduce minutes to 500, right?


  • electric_erik

    At what point can we fight this obvious oligopoly? They just collude in changing the plans, all together, all the same, every time it gets worse and worse. I’d say it’s high time to petition the CRTC to change this.

  • Dehop

    Got on board Videotron “family” plan where each of us four pay $35 for unlimited Canada-wide calling and 6 GB each.

    Tell me, Virgin/Bell, Koodo/Telus, et al… why the hell should I consider your $50/1GB+500 min plan?

  • Larry

    Yup. I said yesterday in the Telus/Koodo article that the others would follow within 18 hours. Fido, c’mon down!

  • aRhyno

    These plans are so sad. No reason they can’t offer at a minimum a few gb with a byod for 40$