Virgin Mobile Weekend Promo: $55 Plan with 4GB Data for Alberta, BC Only


Virgin Mobile has launched a limited time promotion only this weekend, available to all customers in British Columbia and Alberta.

The BYOP (bring your own phone) plan is $55 per month and includes the following:

  • 4GB data
  • 500 Canada-wide minutes ($7/100MB overages)
  • Unlimited 5PM evenings and weekends
  • Unlimited Canada/USA MMS/SMS
  • Unlimited global text from Canada
  • MyPeeps, Voicemail 3 and Call Display

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A comparable plan would be Public Mobile’s $60/5GB plan, which works out to $58/month after AutoPay, but is limited to province-wide calling.

If you’re on a Virgin Mobile plan that is priced at $55 and includes less data than this promo, call in and make the switch. But beware of the $70/1GB data overages. The promo goes until December 11th, 2017.

[via RFD]


  • Aceclutch

    This past Black Friday I got $45 2gb+2gb from Fido thanks to the post on this website. It also has unlimited calling Canada wide 🙂 Thanks Gary!
    The overages with my fido plan are $5 250mb

  • Ang Abruzzi

    With the new laws going into effect as of December 1st they can no longer charge $70 for Data Overage….

  • Brucy Lefleur

    Is this monthly or 2 year plan?

  • Ang Abruzzi

    No George, unlocking fees were only one of the new laws among other things…. Look it up….so many new changes to benefit us!!!

  • raslucas

    True. It’s capped at $50.

  • Ang Abruzzi

    Exactly! ??

  • Aceclutch

    Damn and I thought my overages were expensive. $5 for 250mb, $20 for a 1gb

  • Riddlemethis

    Pft. Where’s Public Mobile’s promotions of $40 minus referral credit and preauthorized credit for less than $38/month with 4 GB of LTE? Oh wait….you have to go to Koodo and use the workaround to get the Quebec only plan for $49 with 6 GB LTE data and unlimited Canada calling.

  • George

    They can still charge over $50 if you say OK to get more data:

    ‘3. Cap on data overage charges

    A service provider must suspend data overage charges once they reach $50 within a single monthly billing cycle, unless the account holder or authorized user expressly consents to pay additional charges.‘

  • raslucas

    Also true! You just won’t have to worry about going over by 1 MB and SURPRISE, you got charged 70$ for an extra gig.

  • Samano

    Still to damn expensive

  • SV650

    You wouldn’t. In the case of this offer it is in 100MB aliquots. Other carriers may have differing charges, but each charges in smaller volumes than 1 GB.
    Additionally I know Telus allows one to purchase 300 MB, 1GB and 2 GB buckets of data as an add-on to regular monthly usage if you expect you will need more data before the end of your billing period. Thus, you can choose that option instead, if you expect to go over your regular allotment by more than a few MB. At $25 for 2GB of Data add-on, it is much lower than the overage rates.

    I assume other carriers have something similar.

  • KBlazer07

    For those in the Ottawa area, virgin Mobile let’s you get a Quebec plan. I nabbed a $49 8 GB Black Friday deal. Boxing Day is around the corner 😉

  • Si2k78

    This is terrible. Why bother promoting limited minutes when every other competing plan is offering unlimited calling. Data is the new currency, not minutes.