Virgin Mobile’s $5 Price Increase for Gold Plans Now Live


On the weekend Virgin Mobile announced it had made a “mistake” with its new two-year term pricing on its Gold Plans and would increase its plans by $5, matching the same price as Fido’s Smart Plans. The plans have gone live and just now Virgin has updated its plans page to reflect the increased pricing:

Screen Shot 2013 08 13 at 10 01 41 AM

So far, Koodo still has its Canada-wide voice and data plans starting at $40 (month-to-month), but given how we have seen our incumbents match each other’s prices in the past, this could change too.



  • sad customer

    SIGH @ all these standardized price plans
    wru competition

  • Chrome262

    No kidding, it looks like 65 bucks from every company for 1gb of data. Why not just have them all merge to save us the hassle

  • ck

    it’s the illusion of choice and competition. but i totally agree that they should just merge together. but now we have to think of a new name for the subsidiary telecos.

    so since rogers+bell+telus = robellus

    then fido+vigrin+koodo = fidrindo? fivigdo? haha

  • Chrome262

    well who came first? I know virgin is last, so it could be fikogrin, or even fidogrin, as do is in both the names.