White iPhone 4 Now Available from Bell in Canada [Pics]


Today, we will declare as White iPhone 4 Day. Earlier in the day these coveted units hit stores in Europe, saw a preview of a Virgin white iPhone 4 (Bell), and confirmation stock has hit Future Shop and other stores.

If you’re looking for white iPhone 4 units today, head to your nearest Bell store or reseller. Local Future Shops in Vancouver have 16 GB units in stock, and we’ve landed some pictures below:

As for Rogers selling the white iPhone 4, we were told it’s coming soon. Stay tuned.

Who’s getting one? You know you want one. It’s like owning your very own pet unicorn.


  • What’s the point of blurring the serial number if you don’t blur the barcode?

  • Jon V

    Too girly I think. 🙂

  • Sean Is

    Perhaps Rogers will launch their data plan promotion along with the white iPhone launch.

  • Sean Is

    Perhaps Rogers will launch their data plan promotion along with the white iPhone launch.

  • Gary! Enough! (hahaha) 😛

  • Sean Is

    Haha, Jon V, you can come up with whatever rationale to make yourself feel better at night. It will only make you feel worse knowing that the phone you really wanted has actually come out and you aren’t able to afford it.

  • Joe

    Still like black better.

  • Anonymous

    the UPC is the same for any iPhone of the same model, colour and storage. so say all iPhone 3GS’s that were 16GB, black, and locked to say, Rogers, would have the same UPC.

  • Jonduke

    And you just assumed that? To me, if both colors came out at the same time, the white one woukd’ve been the girl version…

    So… I think Jon V is right… The black one looks better and the white one is girly… So come up with whatever rationnal reason to buy the girly phone while believing its manly…

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  • Mikelkasj

    I would prefer the black one too. Personally, I just think the white doesn’t fit well with the metal structure.

    White is overrated because of the late release.

  • JLC75

    Ok finally the white iPhone is out. So now what do we talk about? The blue iPhone!?!?

  • Chobertt

    How about the iPhone 5?

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  • Cjlee9

    Apple dropped the ball on this one. I’ll wait til iPhone 5 come out