Find the Best Canadian Cellphone Plan with Our New Comparison Tool


If you’re on the hunt for a new cellphone plan or you’re looking to make comparisons between Canadian carriers, be sure to use our new Cellphone Plan Comparison Tool.

The tool is one we featured before but now we have one made just for readers. We get asked frequently from you guys about where to find the cheapest plan for your cellphone. Well, here’s our solution to help you out.

All you have to do is select the minutes and data you desire, your location, plus which options and carriers you want to show up in the results. The tool will do the rest quickly and easily.

Below is a screenshot of what options look like and the results that will come up. We recommend investing in an unlocked iPhone (or smartphone) if you’re looking to save money in the long term.

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You’ll also find a handy link in our main menu too. Be sure to bookmark and share the tool with your friends and family so you can save some time and money!


The tool is frequently updated to reflect new carrier pricing (which happens a lot as you know) so don’t freak out if something is awry, just let us know. The tool is powered by our friends at CelAgora.

Click here to visit our new Cellphone Plan Comparison Tool page. Happy hunting!


  • Jason Reid

    Awesome tool! Thanks for this!!

  • sidman

    I can’t find the plan that it describes, on the Rogers site.
    Using Ontario as the province, here are the results.
    $85 per month, Voice Unlimited, Data 6.0 GB
    Plan “Unlimited Talk, Text and Shareable Data Plans”50$6 GB Mobile data in Shareable Data Fee 35$Bring your unlocked device and get $10 off your plan every month -10$Total85$
    When I look at the Rogers site, it comes up as $125/mth

  • Nadir

    Hi Sidman,
    Indeed this deal is only available in Quebec. Fixing this right now!
    Thanks for the comment!
    Nadir from celAgora

  • Mr. Mac

    Perhaps a phone option should be added. Public mobile shows up at the top for me but they don’t support iPhones, correct?

  • Nadir

    Issue resolved… Thanks for pointing it out!


  • John

    No wind?

  • Stay tuned as the comparison tool is evolving. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Nadir

    Hi John,

    Yes, ill fix that!


  • hub2

    Set for Ontario voice=50 mins and data=0, unlocked phone… why does the cheapest Virginmobile include a $10 unlimited voice add-on to make it $40.60? It should be $29 (100 mins, 0 data) – 10% = $26.10.

    Fido doesn’t offer data-less plans, but shouldn’t their cheapest plan given the selected options be $34, same price as Virginmobile for the amount of minutes/data (200 mins + 50 MB)?

  • Nadir

    It’s there…

    Thanks again!

  • Riddlemethis

    A few of things:

    1. the tool is confusing. Looking at Wind in BC it shows unlimited and 0. what is the zero? wouldn’t it better to write not included?

    2. why is the tool set by default to Quebec when Gary is based in BC?

    3. Wind mobile and other carriers to have unadvertised promos as well eg. $30 all inclusive including unlimited data, talk, and text.

  • Tim

    This is great and all, but I would surmise that most of the readers here comprise the mobile junky market, hence we’re likely to have out of market plans that have been bargained for via retentions (or in my case, voip and Fongo). Myself personally, I just prefer the updates in the story feed when a company launches a new plan, promo, etc. (Thanks for your diligence here).

    Because this only covers in-market stuff, I’m personally unlikely to run the tool on a regular basis to see if I’m up to date, and as some of the comments have illustrated below, I wouldn’t have enough confidence that the data is current to the listings on the websites of the operators themselves, so I’d go to each company’s website anyway.

    I can see how this would be useful for people who are new to the market and trying to get a sense of what’s out there, but for the rest of us…

    All said, best of luck with it, perhaps the comments by myself and others can assist in this product’s development. 🙂