The ‘Best, Cheapest Cellphone Plans in Canada in 2018’ According to Global News


According to research by Global News, the publication has researched what are the ‘best, cheapest cellphone plans in Canada in 2018’, by contacting all wireless carriers to see what they could offer.

Global News went searching for a Service Basket Level 3 category plan, as per the 2017 Price Comparison Study of Telecommunications Services in Canada and Select Foreign Jurisdictions report prepared by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) and NGL Nordicity Group.

The report notes a Service Basket Level 3 plan includes 1200 calling minutes, 300 texts and 1GB of data. In actuality though, the most popular category of plan used by Canadians was Service Basket Level 2, but it only included 450 minutes of calling and 300 texts and no data.

Canada ranks as the most expensive country in the world when it comes to Level 3 wireless plans, at an average of $70.70 per month. Level 2 plans are on average $40.95 per month.

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Image via Global News

Global says they reached out to Rogers, Telus, Bell and other wireless carriers to see if the ISED report’s conclusions “stand up in real life.”

Calls were made to each carrier with the script as follows:

“I’m looking to buy a new phone and plan for either an iPhone 8 or Samsung Galaxy S8. I use about 450 minutes a month, send about 300 text messages and need enough data to check my email and social media throughout the day. I have family in the U.S. so I also make a couple of long-distance calls a month. What’s the best, cheapest plan you can offer?”

As for the prices? Since Global was looking for an iPhone 8 on contract and not BYOD, 2-year plans with 2GB data were expensive, since subsidies were involved:

  • Rogers: $105/month with unlimited Canada-wide calling
  • Telus: $115/month with unlimited Canada-wide and USA calling
  • Bell: $95/month with unlimited Canada-wide and USA calling

Checking the websites of the ‘Big 3’ as of writing, the Rogers pricing is currently $115/month, while the Bell plan is $125/month (on a side note—carrier websites are still a horrible customer experience, as the confusing number of options available are overwhelming).

As for flanker brands, Global says Fido worked out to $95/month, Koodo at $60 (but doesn’t include the monthly tab, so it’s actually $100/month), and Virgin at $115/month. These monthly prices usually are the same across all flanker brands.

Freedom Mobile worked out to be the best pricing at $65/month for an iPhone 8 with 10GB of data and unlimited Canada/USA-wide calling and Canada-wide texting.

Again, if you’re looking for the best cellphone deal in Canada, it’s probably best to look for a BYOD (bring your own device) plan and go month-to-month if you can, instead of signing a two-year contract. For example, a 2GB BYOD plan with unlimited Canada-wide calling is available from Fido for $45/month right now.

Now that carriers must unlock and sell unlocked phones, plan mobility has never been easier. You’ll have the option to jump ship between carriers once new promos pop up, so you can always get the best deal (like the recent $60/10GB holiday plan).

Click here to visit our cell phone plan comparison tool to compare plans across Canada.

What are you paying per month right now for a cellphone and what does it include?


  • Tony

    Maybe one day we can have affordable cell phone plans and actual competition like the USA or UK with unlimited use… one the downsides of living in Canada

  • stuiiful

    They need to do one for Atlantic Canada, seems to be the worst one of all. People still get 500mb of data for $100 a month. We don’t get good promos either
    The 10gb/$60 deal here is for 6gb not 10gb, don’t Kno why Atlantic Canadians can’t get more data

  • mcfilmmakers

    Every single one of these plans is double the cost they should be.

  • Surveillance

    Canada is the same population as California, so yeah until we get serious population growth it ain’t gonna be cheap

  • BeaveVillage

    Indeed, though at last count, California has nearly 40m, we’re at 36m. We are spread out over thousands of miles, most of us living within 20-40 minutes from the United States border.

  • Jason

    Telus- $140 mth, 2 lines unlimited everything w/ 17gb shareable data. No USA calling.

  • Tim

    You can have an affordable cell plan in Canada if you’re savvy and lock into a good deal when it comes up. Where people get into trouble is signing up on contract, which is more expensive 90% of the time… and not just because it averages out to more than a byod plan when factoring in device cost, etc. It costs more because you’re less likely to be able negotiate or move to another company for a once a year deal. Opportunity cost becomes a financial cost.

  • Riddlemethis

    And Canada has poor cellular service…just watch your phone’s LTE signal indicator and how often it is very low. Compare this to coverage in dense Asian countries and elsewhere where they have more cellphone users, better phone service, and an LTE speed indicator on their phone. If you want to see how bad your LTE signal strength really is, just switch to 3G when you have poor coverage. It should shoot up to full bars or close to it.

  • Riddlemethis

    ha. justifying the high prices. eh?

  • Riddlemethis

    try triple.

  • Riddlemethis

    because you get cheap lobster? lol.

  • Riddlemethis

    and your point is?

  • Riddlemethis

    Flawed thinking. The towers and tech used in Canada are not as advanced and current as in the USA.

    In USA they tend to have better signal strength and coverage, despite the high saturation. That’s not the case in Canada. and we are still more expensive despite using older cellular technology.

  • Kate

    No clue where you live but, I’m always full, with Fido.