Big 3 Carrier Employees Reveal Internal Pressure to Lobby Ottawa


Last month we reported how Rogers had sent out a message to all of its employees asking them to email their local MP and Prime Minister Harper to share concerns over the current state of wireless auction policies.

Now, it appears employees at Bell and TELUS have received similar pressure to participate and join in on the fight against Ottawa. According to Bell Canada employee ‘throweraway3’ on Reddit (via, he reveals the intense pressure management is putting on employees to email Ottawa using pre-populated forms via the FairforCanada website (or Real Fair for Canada as some would call it):

Obvious throwaway here, and I know this was posted before, but I’m posting this from another carrier.

I work for Bell Mobility, and I feel the daily pressure from management and our executive office to send the pre-written email to complain about Verizon coming it. If I remember correctly they are calling it “close the loop”.

Every day, I get an email reminding us that the government is treating Canadians unfairly by allowing Verizon to come in. They are sending our stats saying “So far, 22,000 employees have sent the form, that’s over 4000 employees in the last day!”. Then we get emails from our direct managers and directors reminding us of the importance of sending this letter, and reminding us to read the open letter from George Cope about the issue.

Ending a team meeting, my boss reminds those on our team that we should send the form because “It’s our jobs we’re talking about here”. I mentioned to my boss that the pressure is a bit much, and I asked if they are tracking who is submitting or not, and he/she said (rough quote) “I think they can track who is sending them or not”

I don’t know if this is illegal, because it’s not like they are making it a job requirement, however I definitely feel the pressure. For the record, I haven’t signed. I’m not going to either. I’m a consumer just like you. My integrity comes first.

The same Reddit thread reveals TELUS employee ‘truthinessforall’ to also chime in about the pressure being faced at work:

I get the same sh*t from TELUS. I work there. I’m all for Verizon coming in, ESPECIALLY since they just jacked up the plans by a factor of 2-3 to accommodate the new 2 year models. Interestingly, moving to a two year model should only cost a subscriber $7-$10 more a month, yet their 1 gig plan went from $55 to $85.

Can you imagine if corporations showed THIS level of interest/motivation in solving serious social/economic issues? Jeesh. Imagine getting an email: “we must raise the minimum wage to ensure a stable economy!” OR “climate change is going to wreck havoc with our planet. We need to be more responsible. Petition your gov rep for change!”

Wishful thinking, I know.

Rogers employee ‘bradbaby’ also chimes in on the thread:

I work for Rogers and we get the same sh*t.

Below is one of many ads Canadians have been bombarded with in newspapers coast to coast:

Just yesterday Industry Minister James Moore criticized the Big Three telcos for “dishonest” lobbying aimed at skewing the public debate. Despite the constant noise of incumbents, Ottawa and Prime Minister Harper have publicly reiterated they will stand their ground and not change policies to prevent Verizon Wireless from entering Canada.

Any Big Three employees out there feeling this internal pressure to email Ottawa like what we’ve read on Reddit?


  • wstoneman

    Maybe its departmental, but I have not received any pressure to do this.

  • FragilityG4

    I’m sure they’re tracking the emails and what they’ll do is if it comes time that they will be “forced” to layoff employees, those who didn’t send the email will be first to go in typical Robellus fashion …

  • speederd

    I wonder if they got their employees from India and Philippines to email Ottawa

  • JJOzz

    Can’t wait for Verizon to get here. The new TELUS data plans along with their recent actions are very …..questionable.

  • wstoneman

    I hope not… that would suck alot.

  • Chrome262

    Seriously, they all have a case for harassment. Hell a huge class action. If I was a lawyer I would be drooling. And seriously all the companies are now upped their data plans, so love how price fixing works.

  • wah_gee

    This is such horse manure! Can employees file complaints to their provincial labour board? Sounds like work harassment to me.

  • wstoneman

    Spoke to soon.

  • Interesting!

  • 1His_Nibs1


  • 1His_Nibs1

    Yep would LOVE to see a federal or provincial investigation into this. At the very least someone who has enough balls to take them to court! I can honestly say though I’m not surprised by ANY of this. If you can’t get your way legitimately then dangle job loss over your employees heads as an “incentive” to try and strong arm the federal government into capitulating. Veiled threats……….nicely done Pig 3.

  • FantasticAlmonds

    I love how they are suddenly so concerned with keeping Canadian jobs in Canada. I had worked for Rogers for over 15 years, witnessing multiple rounds of mass layoffs prior to being affected myself. From what I hear, Telus and Bell has the same practice of eliminating salaries just so upper management can meet their budgetary numbers.
    Being unemployed, I am all for greater competition and lower cell phone bills.

  • crasucks

    I just want to get Amanda’s phone number before her job is lost. I am sure I could console her 🙂