‘Big 3’ Stock Prices Tumble as Investors React to Shaw-WIND Deal



The day following Shaw’s announcement, the Big Three’s stock prices have taken a hit, as investors reacted to the news: By entering the Shaw family, Wind Mobile can finally become a viable competitor in the Canadian mobile landscape, as it has a more financially stable owner (via Bloomberg).

Telus took the biggest hit yesterday, as it will need to face Shaw–Wind in the West: Its stock price fell to $37.01. But it didn’t take long, because as of writing this article Telus’ stock price is up again 1.79% to $38.60.

The same goes for Rogers, which saw its stock price fall yesterday, but everything is back to “normal” today: The carrier’s stock is surging 2.23%, as of now.

Bell’s stock price, on the other hand, saw a slight drop yesterday, and it’s still down 0.39%, despite the carrier commenting that it is ready to take up the challenge.

You may recall, though, that – as OpenSignal has already pointed out – Shaw has a lot to do to bring Wind up to scratch: The carrier it acquired cannot compete with the Big 3 even with 3G data speeds.

By acquiring Wind, Shaw now has all the pieces in place to match Telus’s bundled wireless, Internet, and TV offerings in the area it operates.

Here is how Telus and Bell reacted to the news:

“We look forward to competing with Shaw in the wireless market,” Telus Chief Financial Officer John Gossling said in an e-mailed statement. Telus’s high ratings on customer service, national reach and presence in other sectors like health-care technology will help keep it differentiated, he said.

“Bell’s always ready to compete, our network leadership makes us a top competitor in any wireless marketplace nationally,” Mark Langton, a spokesman for Montreal-based BCE said in an e-mail.

Rogers has not yet commented on the acquisition announcement.

Under Shaw’s control, Wind is expected to expand its presence to smaller communities in Western Canada, where Shaw already has a strong presence, according to Wind CEO Alek Krstajic. The first target he mentioned to Bloomberg Canada was Victoria.


  • Lakh Jhajj

    I hope when WIND finally is LTE compatible, the data speeds will match the big 3. Cause that’s all the excuse Telus gave me when I asked them to give a better deal cause I am paying $95 for 6gb while I can get unlimited everything for $39 with WIND. TELUS loyalty rep’s words were,”We don’t see WIND as a competitor that we have to price match and moreover the customer experience on Wind using data is not pleasing enough. We have better network and so we charge more”.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Even if you chose WIND your “discounted” price is not long for this world. Once Shaw has it’s network up to date there will be a drastic price increase for WIND. I know, it’s still years away but I don’t see Shaw trying to be competitive with their pricing. They know you have 3 other choices & I guarantee their pricing will fall in line with the Pig 3 with Shaw becoming Pig#4. The ONLY way to finally break this oligarchy is for the Federal government to allow foreign investment in the wireless sector. Until that happens, as consumers, The Pig 3 (soon to be Pig 4) will continue to give Canadians the ????????

  • Dominic Buteau

    The main issue is we need the Big guys to understand that in spite of Wind’s despicable customer service ; we would rather have savings. That message has yet to come across to Shaw as my bill has increased with time by 10 € for the simple reasoning of maintenance.

  • Ashley Mann

    I doubt many of you, my super sweet nerdie techies who I’ve come to like so much here at iPhoneInCanada, I doubt many of you have ever had a girlfriend. So, you may not know this but if you make a girl laugh hard enough she will fart.

    I read the title of this article and my ass dam near launched me into space.

    This weeks sell off of BCE had nothing to do with the Shaw/Wind deal. Lol. Oops, excuse me again!


  • FragilityG4

    Unfortunately international companies would fall in line as well. The only true way to stop this is if you could guarantee that two big companies come in at the same time with a full LTE network and have to fight it out for subscribers. But what two companies would be able/want to do that?

  • FragilityG4

    It’s funny how you mock those who you emulate. These type of things affect the minds of investors all the time. Investors want ROI and if something threatens the bottom line some will sell. They’re always looking to the future and if they believe that this new partnership will erode profits from their investment and this truly is the highest the stock will be at, why wouldn’t they sell? But just as quickly as someone might sell, another might invest. It’s all about the ROI and anything can effect the thinking of an investor.

  • Steve

    You’ve obviously never used Wind. It is the crappiest cell service you can get. Zero cell coverage in rural areas, so if you live in the suburbs you get 0 signal. The customer service is literally non-existent. The $39 is actually a ripoff, it really should be $20 or less for what you get.

  • Bafoon

    Lol, that dude hiding behind a keyboard with a girl name is calling out others as nerdies, when he is trolling a techie website. Some people have issues.

  • Ashley Mann

    Wind sucks. So does Koodo. Look boys the bottom line to the Shaw/Wind deal is that they will never compete with the 3. Never.

    Regardless of what some claim, investors know the Shaw/Wind deal is completely insignificant. People are not selling off BCE because of the deal and this deal is not playing in the minds of investors. They don’t care. 900,000 combined subscribers to 8 million combined subscribers. Come on boys…. Seriously.

    We do have options with Bell, Rogers and Telus.

    Thanks to Gary and his story on Bell and Sasktel I have a plan with unlimited talk, text and 10GB data with Bell using a saskatchewan phone number, Gary’s story says its $70 which is true but if you bring your own iPhone you get the promo plan for $65 a month. You don’t need to live in saskatchewan to get this deal. I went to a Bell store, asked for a saskatchewan number and the promo package and got it. Simple.

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  • Ashley Mann

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  • Ashley Mann

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    Fun! Group hug.

  • Bafoon

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  • Bafoon

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  • Sidney

    Thanks for your comment Ashley! There’s an even better plan $75 for 15GB!