Canadians Sending Fewer Text Messages: 23 Billion in Q3 2013


The CWTA has released new number for text messages sent in Canada for Q3 2013, and it shows a decline compared to Q1 2013 for text messages; MMS messages and Common Short Code messages however, are on the rise. Here are the new numbers:

  • 23 billion text messages sent, an average of 250 million per day (Q1 2013: 24 billion; 270 million per day)
  • 316 million MMS messages sent (Q1 2013: 231 million). As of Sept. 2013, Canadians are sending an average of 3.5 million MMS messages per day (Q1 2013: 2.6 million)
  • Canadians sent and received a total of 697 million text messages using Common Short Codes (Q1 2013: 568 million). These are the 5 or 6 digit codes you text to automated services

Below is an updated chart (via CWTA) of text messages—note the decline in the first three quarters of this year—it’ll be interesting to see how this chart evolves:

Screenshot 2013 12 02 10 34 33 5

Most likely this is a result of people adopting more smartphones and relying on data-based messaging services such as iMessage, WhatsApp, BBM (!), etc.

What do you use more? Regular text messages or another messaging system such as iMessage or WhatsApp? Remember, don’t call me unless it’s an absolute emergency (like you’re on fire); just text me instead!


  • Phil

    good. I can’t believe that unlimited texting isn’t apart of every plan. Let’s just get to data only offerings and call it a day. Because that’s what it is. We’re all just using data and some level of network capacity. As much as I decry the crappy bandwidth offerings of Canadian internet plans, at least they’re just selling different tiers of access, and that’s what cell phone companies need to do. Stop complicating it with stupid BS minutes, calling features, etc. This is why I use VOIP and a tablet plan, btw

  • ZAGG Canada

    All my friends and family have iPhones. So iMessage is pretty much all I use. I maybe send and receive 20 texts to non-iOS users a month.