How Canadians are Getting Monthly Plans with Unlimited Data


Canadian carriers may rank well in terms of wireless data speeds – see the latest report from OpenSignal – but they still charge subscribers way more than they should, you may conclude. And when you compare prices to an offer from the adjacent country’s (un)carriers, such as T-Mobile, you have a good argument.

Big 3 wireless

A Vice Money journalist had the chance to get rid of phone bill stress by switching to a cellphone plan from T-Mobile. Ashley Renders got a cellphone plan through her boyfriend, who is a US citizen, and now both pay US$50 each (roughly CAD$66) per month for unlimited data, text and calls in Canada, the US and Mexico. For the same travel pack worldwide, T-Mobile charges US$25 (CAD$33).

Let’s compare that to the amounts the Big 3 charge. Telus plans, for example, start at $65 (BYOD) or $80 per month if you want to buy a handset. For that amount you get 1 GB of data, 300 local minutes and unlimited nationwide calling. But if you are traveling to Europe, you will need to pay an extra $150 per month, raising the total to $230 per month. And you still have only 1 GB of data.

Rogers also charges $80/month for 1 GB of data, and using your phone in the US would add another $50. If you travel to other international destinations, it will cost you an extra $100.

As for Bell, their price is $10 lower ($70/month) for 1 GB of data and 300 local minutes. Traveling to the US will cost you $100/month, and other international destinations, $200/month.

Now compare that to the US$75 (CAD$99) unlimited everything.

The good news is that you can also have it: all you need is an unlocked phone, a valid ID and a US citizen who will trust you enough to add you to their plan.

As for the Big 3 monopoly, well that’s a long story, and the Canadian government can’t do anything to force them to offer similar services.

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  • Sneakz

    Until T-Mobile kicks them off for most of their usage being in Canada every single month.

  • pegger1

    You’re right “Canadian government can’t do anything to force them to offer similar services.”
    But they could have helped keep prices competitive by stopping the purchase of MTS by Bell. They didn’t though. So even when they can do something, they don’t.

  • Shaun Conway

    I am one of the lucky ones that has family in the a US and switched to T-mobile last year. It’s amazing, I have 6 lines and pay $120 USD. Each line is unlimited everything except 10gb of data for each line. I thought about moving to the T-mobile One plan to bring it to unlimited data but my bill would have doubled and most of my users never cross 10gb/month. I roam for free in 140 countries (Canada being one). For one 10gb line in Canada, Rogers offers $145 CAD. This has no roaming attached to it. Best move I ever made.

  • Jay

    I pay $45 CAN with Rogers and get 3gb data, unlimited calling in North America, unlimited text, and the features voicemail, call display, call waiting, etc. Yaye corporate plans ????

  • warpdrive


  • cayaguy

    DO NOT DO THIS! My friend did this and was kicked off the roaming network and banned by T-mobile after three months continuous. She couldn’t even sign up for t mobile when she returned to the usa after a year…lifetime ban…they don’t mess around. Read the message boards it happens ALL THE TIME (reddit). If you go back to USA occasionally fine but if your connected in canada for longer than 90 days it DOES set off alarms with t mobile, not sure why iphoneincanada would promote something like this.

  • Bill___A

    Buy Canadian. Something like this article suggests is not a good idea.

  • runner

    I’m wondering if T-Mobile would pick up on this though, if you are almost exclusively using their plan in Canada, I think that would raise some red flags.

  • RM

    Got the same thing but for $50 and 4GB without even needing to be on a corp plan. Does the job.

  • Singndance4life

    That’s because it is NOT a good idea to reward bad behavior such as the price gouging of the “pay more for less” standard in Canada. If one enjoys being screwed over, they should, by all means, feel free to buy Canadian. For those that want to take advantage of good deals, they should be able to do so anywhere.

  • Cornfed710

    Could happen eventually, it definitely breaches the the terms of agreement. On the other hand, they might not care

  • Shaun Conway

    Not a business plan. No cut off for business customers. ????

  • Larry

    I have Fido 4GB plan with province-wide calling for $40/month. This was the plan matching Public Mobile. I use Fido’s free wifi calling for out-of-province calls. Or Fongo if I’m not on wifi.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    Canadian government can force Big3 to offer lower prices with more unlimited data plans BUT it won’t cause the big 3 lobbied the government and also funded for elections campaigns and all other kinds of political greed n needs.

  • NOHoldsBar

    Post is click bait. No info here at all on how one can successfully get these plans.

  • NOHoldsBar

    How do you get get fongo to work without wifi if you don’t have an Internet connection

  • NOHoldsBar

    You bet they will. It’s abusing their network and meant for the occasional long distance call

  • NOHoldsBar

    No info here at all. Poor writing in general. Just click bait. We have no indication this a business plan.


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  • Shaun Conway

    Well I’m sorry my writing is “terrible” but feel free to call T-Mobile yourself and fact check. I don’t work in the mobile industry and I’m not sure how my sharing my story is click bait. I have nothing to prove, but if I can help one other person save a few dollars, then it was worth it.

  • Rich Baker

    This Bill guy must work for one of the big 3 as it’s not his first post defending these companies. Whoever thinks we have it good in Canada regarding mobile data or service is obviously misinformed.

  • Rich Baker

    Same price in US gets you unlimited. You are not getting a deal whatsoever.

  • Tim

    I’ll stick with my $55 8GB plan …

  • Singndance4life

    Yes, I’m sure you do. What happens if you travel to the US?

  • Jay

    Haha that won’t be an issue. When the crazy person is out of office then I may consider traveling to USA again.

  • CHeck

    and now no one calls me because it would be a long distance call if they did.

  • TwitchyPuppy

    Rogers’ 7GB plan is $57 province wide or $62 nation wide. Just saying..

    You should look for deals.

  • Mark

    Im in BC i jumped on the manitoba koodo 5gb unlimited Canada plan for 48$ best move I ever made,so far.

  • wongnog

    What plan is this? I pay $100 with Rogers for 7GB and nationwide calling.

  • TwitchyPuppy

    It’s pretty much in my message ????

    7GB, $57 unlimited province-wide calls/text messages etc..

    It’s advertised on their website as well, it’s not a retention plan.

  • Anonymous Anonymous

    You can’t port a canadian number on a US network, this is the most garbage advice I’ve ever read.

  • wongnog

    Oh ya, Quebec rogers plans don’t apply to the rest of the country sadly

  • Larry

    Fongo works on LTE.

  • Sarah

    I have a question… I’m not tech savy. Please don’t laugh. Could you get around them knowing you are in Canada by using a vpn and changing your ip?

  • Louis

    Your cell phone carrier always knows where you are: they always know what cell tower you’re connected to! (Or in this case, that one of Bell, Rogers or Telus provided you service for 90 days straight and now wants to get paid…)

  • Bill___A

    No I don’t work for them. I just think there are a lot of stupid ideas like Sugar Mobile, getting TMobile and living in Canada, etc.

  • Chuck B

    I just got in on the 10 gig $60 price war that happened in Dec 2017 with Freedom mobile entering the market. Got Fido with Data bytes – an hour extra data 5 times a month. And in my second sim slot I got the fido tab plan 3 gigs for $15 with extra data at $10 a gig ( beats extra data in 1st sim at $70 a gig. So I have 13 gigs + data bytes for $75 a month. Thats as good as it gets in Canada.