CCTS: 80% of Wireless Complaints Linked to Billing Error or Contract Disputes


The Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS) recently released their 2010-2011 annual report. What is the CCTS?

Our role is to resolve consumer and small business complaints about retail telecommunications services, including wireless, local and long distance telephone, and internet access services. Customers who cannot resolve their complaints about issues like billing, contract terms, or service delivery directly with their provider may file a complaint with CCTS for a fair, impartial and independent review

In 2010-2011, the CCTS saw an increase of 114% in the number of complaints compared to 2009-2010 (8007 vs 3747), which they link to an increase of public awareness of their services.

Complaints for wireless services once again led the way with more received than all other services combined, at 62.3%. As for the nature of these complaints, almost 80% of wireless complaints were either related to billing errors (45%) or contracts disputes (34%) combined. This is no surprise in Canada.

The CCTS provides a summary of complaints by service providers, and all complaints are lumped into one total for each company. Here is a list of companies with the most complaints and their total percentage of overall complaints (the Big 3 lead the way):

Bell: 2,348 complaints (29.32%)
TELUS: 1,387 complaints (17.32%)
Rogers: 1,355 complaints (16.92%)

Fido: 657 complaints (8.21%)
Virgin Mobile: 637 complaints (7.95%)
Solo Mobile: 226 complaints (2.81%)
Videotron: 153 complaints (1.91%)
Koodo Mobile: 129 complaints (1.60%)
Wind Mobile: 86 complaints (1.07%)
MTS: 72 complaints (0.90%)
SaskTel: 31 complaints (0.38%)
Mobilicity: 23 complaints (0.27%)
Chatr Wireless: 4 complaints (0.05%)
Public Mobile: 3 complaints (0.04%)

Here are complaints by province and territory:

Click here to download the entire PDF annual report for 2010-2011. There are some interesting case studies detailed inside.

What are some of your biggest complaints against wireless providers?

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  • Bellsucks

    Used to be with Bell and they gave me a phone free but sold me a warranty that should anything happen to the phone they replace it outright. So the phone was not working properly after 1 year so I took it back to change it. They told me they changed their warranty policies and would only repair not replace telling me that regardless what I bought a year ago the terms changed. They then charged me for a loaner phone took my old phone and had it for 2 weeks. After tons of calling i finally got the phone back and it was the same. I cancelled pretty soon after that and changed providers and couldn’t be happier. 

  • Gerry18

    The only thing Fido screwed me over was one of their rep indicated that I was eligible for a handset upgrade. And I waited an hour and half at the store the next day, only to be turned down saying that I wasn’t eligible. Of course, like all carrier companies, they never resolved my issue. Least my contract expires next year and I’ll go on a month to month basis with my iPhone 4S.

  • Mr_Incredible

    Why is it that when these carrier’s make a billing mistakes, it is always in their favor?

    I have NEVER had a billing mistake where I had credit.

    It was always a mistake where it cost me money and not them!

    I hate the cellphone companies in Canada!

  • Fryreyesonly

    Hi there this may sound a little odd…I might be wrong but I had heard when buying a phone or getting a phone – try to slip it on your credit card even if its only 20.00 it doubles the warranty covers the loss theft etc -check on that before you do try to do so.
    I had heard its best to call the stores before going and talk to the 1800 and pre arrange a pickup of loaner or what ever and dropoff of damaged broken phone.  I prearrange any thing Im doing at the stores – Ive been bullied before, walked out, Ive been told no backup box had to drive across town to find not one there,  and not again. I make sure the 1800 people give me id contact info etc and ask them to fax the store confirmation -what I am to get and and what I should not be charged for- so that I am not charged for things promised to me as not being chargable and the warranty thing; you paid for 100% of what you signed agreed to- cant you call headoffice ask for it to be given back-money? I did have to call a couple of times to get things corrected. I keep old phones for the sake of  backup and the newer ones not working -silly but the old cell phones have come in handy. It was when drying the outdated samsung in rice for 2 weeks after it went swimming in the pool. 
    Bell doesnt suck -you have to know who to call to get things corrected or helped with-and tell them like it is – without any unique talk tone or expect a certain tone and lack of care back – is what Ive heard and learned works best. I wish theyd send me a replacement for the old samsung no data cells I have x 2 – that makes your face go red its so hot – if they do it -I’d love to sign up for the 50 year plan I have  : )  Take care

  • fu virgin

    Virgin starts off ok. I was practically suffocated by nagging of my family to get a cell phone after a 3 year gap b/c of FIDO ripping me off by making up charges in various forms…35 calls later and nothing changed. Closed my account, paid them off. Recall hearing constant complaints of $400 – $800 of overcharging or false charging. Mobilicity bf told me he got me a free phone and good deal…took his gift and closed my eyes after being cell phone free (does anyone recall we all survived without electromagnetic crap which is causing TUMORS AND INFERTILITY!!!!!!!! so I took it with stride…started getting issues with service to the point that it was like not having a phone but still getting charged (this time I paid one year in advance so no surprises!)…mmhh they were supposed to pay me back for certain things but gave me a check that was less $200 than it should have been plus a bunch of other crap. So now to VIRGIN…billionaire is laughing right now as he sits on his own islands sand, and shits in his open air men’s room *yes watch cribs* he is a regular pirate…They do not help me find my stolen phone, mock me, and constantly ask me to buy another one. $400 lost and another for the same phone. They suspend my account but fail to tell me (I suspended it) that i will get charged every month – I am not a seasoned cell phone user! i did not know and i asked so many times from mulitiple people if there was anything I needed to do or nothing, just tell us when you get your new phone. Meanwhile the police wont help b.c htey need virgin to step in, virgin passes the buck back. So they help thieves, bc you need to buy another phone. 1 mths go by b.c the police tell me to wait another month maybe my phone lost not stolen…virgin sends me a bill in Nov. for 3 mths and the first month was supposed to be free. FUCK###!!!!

    SOLUTION: CALL THE FCC!!!!!!!! BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU!!!! AND BETTER YET TAKE THEM TO SMALL CLAIMS COURT.I swear they are all owned by one company b.c you go from one to the next hoping for better…they all end up making so much money. I want to know why the government doesn’t stop them? FCC help!!! I know smc has worked in the USA. But tumours and infertility are not worth. Lets go back to dealing with people not machines.