Rogers’ Chatr Expands $40 Unlimited Talk, Text, Data Plan to More Cities


Back in April, Chatr launched a $40 per month unlimited talk, text and data plan (3G network, not LTE), limited to Edmonton, Calgary and Greater Toronto, which offered the first 1GB of data at 3G speeds.

That plan has now expanded to Vancouver, Southwestern Ontario and Ottawa, the company explained to iPhone in Canada in an emailed statement.

For customers seeking additional data at 3G speeds, it’s available at $5 more per month for 2GB or $10 more for 4GB of data, making for total monthly costs of either $45 or $50 per month. Otherwise, once you hit your 3G cap, speeds are reduced from up to 3 Mbps, down to a paltry up to 64 kilobits per second.


  • It’s Me

    Are they still forcing make-believe zones on customers so they can scam “roaming” fees on their own network?

  • aaloo

    man, this is so useless. 1gb data at 3g speeds. no thank you. i’m grandfathered on a telus $50 plan with 6gb of LTE data. i only have 200 min, but i’ve never gone over my allowance in 5 years of this plan.

  • Jon

    I don’t understand how this is unlimited data.. after 1GB is it EDGE network data?