Conservative Party Seeks $25-$50 Donations to Fight for Wireless Competition


We know Ottawa has had a hard stance against the Big Three as the Federal government has repeatedly emphasized its goal to increase wireless competition and “putting consumers first.” Now, an email sent out to members of the Conservative Party of Canada seeks donations to help against the fight for wireless competition:


Did you know that the Big Three wireless companies made $18.7 billion in profits last year?

We know that Canadians continue to pay some of the highest wireless rates in the developed world, and that consumers want to have more wireless choices at low prices.

While Canada’s largest wireless companies protect their bottom lines, your Conservative Government is standing up for Canadian consumers.

Since 2008, our pro-competition, pro-consumer polices have driven down the average cost of wireless services for Canadians by nearly 20% – and we are just getting started.

We’re putting consumers first and standing up for more competition in Canada’s wireless industry but we need your help to make sure our voice is being heard.

That is why I am asking you to make a special one-time donation of $25 or $50 today.

Will you stand up with us?


Fred DeLorey
Director, Political Operations
Conservative Party of Canada

Conservative email

Ottawa recently launched its own PR campaign against the Big 3 to emphasize the government is “here to represent the interests of all Canadians” when it comes to increasing wireless competition and lowering prices. The campaign is seen as a response to the ‘Fair for Canada’ PR blitz launched by incumbents which targeted Ottawa and foreign competition. CRTC letters revealed public disapproval over the campaign.

Has the fight for wireless competition become a political tool? What do you think about this campaign by the Conservatives?


  • vv

    no thanks. I support the big 3.

  • Sv650

    Maybe the Conservatives would prefer those companies have no profits, issue no dividends, and pay no taxes. On the other hand, maybe it wouldn’t, as their goal on the corporate side has been to reduce taxes for corporations while increasing (relatively) personal taxes.

  • MleB1

    For once – and only briefly – am I going to feel sorry for Conservative Party members. And maybe question (yet again) the Harper Government. So is the policy of looking for more competition in the wireless industry a Conservative Party policy or a policy of the Canadian Government – the Government consisting of several parties and the opportunity for clarification and debate in the House? Or is this note going out to the faithful as a fund-raising scam for the Party?

  • wah_gee

    They should go after the cable and satellite pricing, too.

  • Shameless


  • MapleSot

    I don’t want to say it but I have to agree on this.

    Maybe it’s good intention on their part. But whenever I heard the ads about this on radio, I have a feeling that they are wasting our tax payers’ money.
    They simply lose faces because Verizon is not on their sides after all the freebies given to Verizon. Now they are trying something else. Move on to fix the gas price or something.

  • Peter

    What a bizarre letter.

    “We’re putting consumers first and standing up for more competition in
    Canada’s wireless industry but we need your help to make sure our voice
    is being heard.”

    The _governing_ political party.. appealing for money.. on a single issue.. to ensure it — The Government of Canada — has a voice.. in public policy — the very public policy it sets, legislates, manages, changes and enforces — it needs money for that… to make sure its voice is being heard… money to hear its own voice… to really make sure it hears what it’s saying to itself… to ensure it really, really, really, really listens to what it hears as it talks to itself. The money is gonna help all that. The Government of Canada is gonna hear better — kinda like a hearing aid. Oh, _now_ I get it… This is a pledge-drive. This money isn’t going into one of those syrupy, slow-pan-camera-sweeps-of-golden-maple-trees-and-snowcapped-Rocky-mountains-and-vast-oceans-peppered-with-images-of-jumping-salmon-and-iceberg-hopping-polar-bears-and-smiling-people-around-the-camp-fire-roasting-marshmallows TV commercials that finish with a flashy logo, a “this message was brought to you by…” voice over, and an owl ‘hoot’; No, this is like a Variety Kids Telethon, raising money for wheelchairs, walkers, and wigs — ‘cept it’s for gub’ment. Hey, don’t laugh. They’re needy kids, too. Desperately needy, in fact. So, let’s do it. Together. As a nation. Focused in purpose. United as one. Let’s all pitch-in the 25 bucks. Let’s create this miracle. Yes! We can. On this day… at this moment… right here, right now, let’s make this miracle happen. Let’s give ’em the Gift of Hearing… for “My name is Joe… and I. AM. Canadian!”

    […aaaand, scene (with apologies to Variety)]

  • lol

  • mcfilmmakers

    Why? You don’t have to support either of them.

  • Chris B to help Ottawa….but don’t I already pay taxes in the Thousands- ten thousand annually?…and I love to help but telus is already soaking me for that extra $25 -$50 to lie to me through radio and daily 2 page newspaper ads. Maybe next yr?…in the meantime. You (ottawa ) can pay back all the scams and scandals with tax payer dollars you’ve “lost” and then you should have PLEANTY of money to waste on bullsh*t campains courting a telecom company that has no intrest in coming to Canada in the first place while you rout goverment for more vaca time.

  • chickeee

    does the same governing party ask for donations to support their coast to coast lobbying of big oil pipeline projects ? No , they happily close parliament and spend government (taxpayer) money on their “consultation”

  • Ben

    why would the government allow Robelus to enter the 700Mhz auction next year? give it to Wind and other small ones ONLY!

  • Shane

    Roaming rates can be cut by 55% in one day! Think about that. How is that possible? Well it is because they have been rapeing us. I am glad something is being done about it. But I do not like this fundraising campaign one bit. It is why I fully trust neither side in this.