CRTC National Do Not Call List: 12 Million Numbers Registered in 5 Years


The CRTC has announced the National Do Not Call List, an opt-in program to prevent telemarketing spam, has celebrated its fifth anniversary as of today:

“The National DNCL has been a success,” said Jean-Pierre Blais, Chairman of the CRTC. “Since its launch, millions of Canadians registered their numbers on the list to avoid receiving telemarketing calls and faxes. Telemarketers are getting the message that they must respect this choice or face the consequences, which can include hefty monetary penalties.”

The CRTC details how 11.9 million cellphone and landlines have been registered in the program along with 10,000 telemarketers. The DNCL has resulted in $3.4 million in penalties and $741,000 in other payments by violators. The latter has seen a compliance rate of 95% after being issued notices.

Below is an infographic which details milestones of the DNCL program:

Screen Shot 2013 09 30 at 10 04 13 AM

The CRTC reminds Canadians their original registered numbers on the DNCL were about to expire, thus have been automatically extended for another year to September 30, 2014. They are seeking input from the public to implement permanent registrations to avoid having to remove disconnected or reassigned numbers.

Not on the DNCL yet? Register or extend your number here.


  • ward09

    I was on the do not call list back when it first launched, but I actually saw some consumer group warning not to register. They said that international telemarketers would know it’s a legitimate number if you register, and the legislation and penalties won’t apply to them. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I certainly did NOT notice a reduction in calls.

  • Al

    After registering, I noticed a reduction in calls from within Canada. But then there was an increase in international calls.

  • rrosales

    12 Million Registered Numbers still getting spammed!

  • James

    My sister had registered her number, it was good for the first few months, and then a steady flow of 2-3 calls a week would come in. Now, my sister just ignores all unknown callers.

    I say, if the unknown caller was an actual person/friend/coworker/family/from school, they would leave you a voice message right?

  • Anon

    This “Do not call list” is only for Canada, and is basically a complete joke. Problem is, most telemarketers have branches outside Canada in which these rules do not apply, so you’ll get spammed anyways – even more so, because your number is a guaranteed working number.

  • Anon

    Yes, it is definitely true. DO NOT place your number on this list. International telemarketers have access to this list.

  • Chrome262

    same here, one of the main reasons I keep my home phone, is that it gets all the spam calls and I use it like those throw away emails when singing up for stuff lol

  • Al

    We only give out our landline phone# as well. But I think these companies have random number dialers, because my wife and I never give out our cell phone #’s, except to close friends, yet we are both starting to get spam on them as well.

  • Dennis Simonin

    If we could ban politians and charities, I could put up with the international callers!

  • Chrome262

    yeah me too, dam spam lol

  • Michael611

    I’m really interested!

  • Michael611

    It keeps more convenient to all people.