CRTC National Do Not Call List Becomes Permanent, Renewals No Longer Necessary


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The CRTC National Do Not Call List, which reached its fifth year of operation last fall, has announced today numbers no longer need to be renewed or re-registered, as noted in an update on its policy page:

The Commission eliminates the finite registration period pertaining to telecommunications numbers on the National Do Not Call List (DNCL), and thus the need for Canadians to renew or re-register their numbers on the list. Further, the Commission encourages the industry to continue working within the CRTC Interconnection Steering Committee to periodically re-examine the options concerning a mechanism to remove disconnected and reassigned numbers from the National DNCL in order to enhance its accuracy. The Commission will continue its efforts to promote the National DNCL program and to educate Canadians about the program.

The Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) and Council of Senior Citizens’ Organizations of British Columbia (COSCO) was quick to applaud the move, which will result in less unsolicited telemarketing calls to consumers, now that they no longer need to remember to re-register every few years.

“Today’s decision is positive for consumers”, said Geoffrey White, Counsel to PIAC and COSCO, “as it ensures that ‘once registered, always registered’ unless the subscriber says otherwise, and eliminates the hassle of periodically having to renew registration, a hassle which the Commission recognized in today’s decision.”

The CRTC noted last year the DNCL had reached 12 million numbers registered in five years and was consulting the public on whether to make registrations permanent, to avoid having to remove disconnected or reassigned numbers. Looks like the correct decision was made.

You can register your cellphone or home number to the DNCL here. Has the DNCL worked out for you?


  • CMfly

    Now we just need someone to write a script that submits all number combinations.

  • mrideas

    It hasn’t really made a big difference. Instead the telemarketers call me from the USA or some random VoIP phone number. The ones I really hate are the political parties that won’t release the line when you hang up.

  • Anon

    Being on this list might will actually make it worse. All this does is prevent the calls from within Canada. Most Telemarketing companies have offices in the states, which they will call from, now that they have your number obtained from the DNCL.

  • einsteinbqat

    It actually worked for me. 5 years ago, I would regularly get calls from telemarketers. Now, I barely get any.