CRTC Launches Online Discussion Seeking Input on Creating a Wireless Code


Today is the launch of an online discussion by the CRTC to ask for Canadians to engage and participate in the development of a new code for wireless services in this great nation of ours. These online discussion panels are part of a proceeding that will also include a public hearing starting in February of 2013:

“We encourage Canadians to join the online discussion and have their say on how wireless contracts could be clearer and easier to understand,” said Jean-Pierre Blais, Chairman of the CRTC. “By sharing their views, Canadians can help us shape a clear list of terms and conditions that wireless companies will need to include in their contracts.”

The CRTC aims to better understand what Canadians want setup in the wireless market, as they note contracts are a concern for many users.

Canadians are invited to discuss the following questions:

  • What should be in the wireless code?
  • How should complaints related to the wireless code be resolved?
  • How should the wireless code be promoted and reviewed to ensure it is working?
  • The online discussion will be open until 8 p.m. (EST) on December 4, 2012. Canadians can participate by visiting:

Your comments submitted will be part of the proceeding’s public record and used to develop the first draft of the wireless code, with a second online consultation set to take place in January of 2013. This is when you’ll be able to see the results of your feedback and comment on the draft wireless code.

We first brought up the issue back in April, about whether ‘competition’ was enough to protect consumers. The CRTC formerly asked for your input in October about what would be required for this same national code, an ideas which the major carriers in Canada have supported

What do you think should be required in the creation of a wireless code?


  • D

    Worst idea ever. The general public doesn’t know what they want. They call for cheaper prices and upgrades every year, well guess what, you can’t have everything. You want cheaper pricing, go to wind and have shitty reception. You want a new phone every year, buy it yourself. If you can’t afford a new phone, guess what? YOU DON’T GET ONE!!

  • K3

    Ever been locked into a 3 year term with out an actual hardware upgrade?

    Do you know how much your wireless provider still makes off you month after month even though you might think you’re getting the better deal?

    Gary thank you for posting this information.

  • We could have cheaper prices and more upgrades… just look at the rest of the world. Canada has the highest wireless prices in the world because the CRTC makes it too easy for the big three companies to set the prices they want and to stick to it. It’s depressing really.

  • Cheers. We need to give them our input.

    Gary Ng

  • pure_4

    D: The people that will contribute to this discussion will be the ones that the big three have been shafting in the poop hole for the past 10-20 years. Like myself! You can have cheaper pricing and have good reception. It’s called let the new players have a fair shot at bidding for the 700 MHz spectrum! You sound like you work for these guys.. Which you probably do you dip @#$t. I would gladly buy my own phone as long as I don’t have to be tied to unfair misleading expensive three year contracts. But guess what, I can’t! Because these bastards have a stranglehold on the market and they’ve effectively locked all outside completion out! Which means I’m forced to pay them $75-$100 a month.. at least! Because of their shitty plans.. Don’t get me started on the lack of innovation. LTE is still not fully implemented where I’m from when other countries are on the cutting edge in this department… You’re a moron!

  • pure_4

    Thank you Kevin! And it’s not only that they have the highest wireless prices, it’s that they have the largest PROFITS out of any other country in the world.. Which makes their argument that Canada is a larger country, therefore they have to charge larger fees complete BS!

  • Jon

    Lower monthly rates for non-subsidized users!

  • toylover

    I’m with you here my friend! Thanks to their monopoly they all charge the same for their plans even though you pay full price to get a brand new phone direct from the manufacturer. This us called collusion and a blatant rip off.

  • D

    Just a FYI, Canada is not the highest priced place for phones. American providers have higher prices for data plans, in the UK you don’t even get a discount towards new hardware and if you so, you’ll pay close to $100 for limited mins, and 1gb of data.

    And yes I do work for one of these big guys. And the shit we deal with from “over entitled” customers like yourself is sickening. You got a problem with a contract that you don’t understand, don’t sign up without reading every detail, there is nobody to blame but yourself for not protecting yourself.

  • pure_4
  • pure_4

    D: Again FYI

    Read that abstract. It says Canadian phone companies have the highest profit margins in the developed world. Case closed.. but in case you’re still not convinced

    Take a look at this second link.. It basically is calling you out on your BS! See the UK??? You pay $32 WITH DATA!

    Also see this third link basically the Big three have us all by the balls.. They have a stranglehold on the CRTC. Which by now mostly functions to serve them.

  • pure_4

    Oh you work for the Big 3? You’re tired of over entitled customers wining and bitching? How do you expect anyone to read your BS contracts that are confusing and misleading?? Do you expect a 14 to 18 year old to read ANY contract? They don’t! But you still pray on them and force them into a three year unethical completely BS contract that is full of small print, that is filled with penalties and hidden fees.. You want me to read the contract?? Even if I do there will be more fees on your ‘terms of service’ that are not even IN the contract

  • K3

    Any company that offers a decent service at a decent price should not have to depend upon other companies products to entice and entrap future or current customers into long term commitments.

    The comment on American providers is questionable.

  • Ziaur Rahman

    One thing I can’t seem to swallow, that why the F*** we have
    to sign up for 3 yrs contract, down south they deal with 2 yrs with cheaper
    plans. I rather pay more for the device than stuck on 3 yrs contract

  • Cadey Coutu

    I want a I poad fore free becauses I lost my I poad that cost lost of money and know I am