CRTC Letters Reveal Public Disapproval Over Big 3 ‘Fair for Canada’ Campaign


Canadians witnessed the ‘Fair for Canada’ campaign against Verizon launched by Rogers, Telus and Bell this summer which the public didn’t react very well to.

Now, letters written to the CRTC obtained by Postmedia  under access-to-information law reveal exactly how some Canadians felt about the campaign, such as little sympathy for incumbents considering the trio hold 85 percent of wireless networks in Canada.

Below are samples from the letters written to the CRTC:

  • “I totally completely, 100% support Verizon and any other companies. I’m sick and tired of Bell, Rogers and Telus having the entire market share,”
  • “Please keep things open to outside/foreign companies because that’s the only way we consumers can get lower prices and better service.”
  • “Bell’s recent call on Canadian citizens for anti-Verizon sentiment is a joke…We have been subject to the big three’s oligarchy for too long. It’s time for real competition.” The CRTC directed the writer to the Competition Bureau.
  • “I am disgusted by the ads from Telus, Bell and Rogers,” which the CRTC replied “The CRTC does not intervene with the content on Internet.”

Rogers spokesperson Jennifer Kett responded to the story with the following:

“It was about our ask of the government for a fair and level playing field that treats large foreign carriers the same as established Canadian carriers,”

“The campaign generated significant debate and discussion among Canadians — something that we see as a good thing. We believe it’s important that consumers are engaged about how best to ensure that both Canada and Canadians benefit from a strong, sustainable and competitive wireless sector.”

John-Kurt Pliniussen, associate professor of eMarketing, sales and innovation at the Queen’s School of Business said the ‘Fair for Canada’ campaign was a waste of money:

“Why not take that 10 or 15 million you’re spending and come up with an incentive to thank your loyal customers and lower their rates, or give them a deal? But that’s not what they did. They just took money and tried to change opinion. It was a total waste of money.”

The Federal government recently launched their own ad campaign against Rogers, Telus and Bell, to further its message of ‘More Choice’ to Canadians.

What are your thoughts on the recent ‘Fair for Canada’ campaign? Was it successful or not?


  • Chrome262

    I agree with John-kurt, they should of just used the money to push their agenta with lower rates. something like “Screw Verizon, sale” and give us 30% off and more data, done we would’ve all be happy.

  • FragilityG4

    Agreed. Although that would effect their profits for years while this was a quick fix.

  • Chrome262

    I know, but seriously they make enough money, what was Rogers last quarter profits? 6 billion, on wireless alone. thats what over 20 billion a year, they can stand to make a little less. Besides they could make more money with new subscriptions. Or, I know this is unheard of, compete and make more money off of each other.

  • FragilityG4

    You’re preaching to the choir!

  • K3

    ???? man, for an actor Amanda looks very very sad so she probably ended up with a year of free wireless from Rogers ????

  • Chrome262

    Yeah I know, just gets me so disgruntled lol.

  • websnap

    The problem with greed is that “enough” doesn’t exist, especially if you still have next quarter to think about.

  • ward09

    In the end they got their way. A few million spent, and now we’re back to status quo. They never wanted to take the risk of lowering prices too soon, because they want our expectations to remain low. Now they can go back to gradually cranking up the price of data.

  • Annette Rose Giesbrecht

    Should have given us a deal, like for instance, a discount on our monthly rates.