CRTC to Mandate “Skinny Basic” TV Packages with $25 Cap: Report


The CRTC is set to announce new changes for television today at 1PM PDT, 4PM EDT, which will include a so-called basic package capped at $25, sources tell The Canadian Press:

The country’s broadcast regulator is coming out with new rules Thursday that will require cable and satellite companies to offer customers a trimmed-down, basic channels package, sources have told The Canadian Press.

The cost of the so-called “skinny basic” package is to be capped at $25, said one source, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The announcements are part of the CRTC’s Let’s Talk TV hearings held last fall, while last summer the regulator suggested pick-and-pay options for TV could be coming. Ahead of the rumoured change, Bell offered pick-and-pay options for customers last summer.

There’s no word whether this basic $25 capped package would be Canadian-only, or also include American networks (which Bell suggested be kicked off Canadian airwaves).

The CRTC’s most recent ruling noted it would enforce Bell and Rogers to offer CraveTV and Shomi to all Canadians, regardless of existing TV or Internet subscriptions. Earlier this year it also said it would ban simsubs during the Super Bowl starting in 2017, which Bell has filed a motion to appeal in court.

Stay tuned for the announcement, as surely it will affect cable TV operators including the likes of Rogers, TELUS, Bell and Shaw.


  • Mike

    Too late. Cut my cable 4yrs ago. Can’t think of anything that would make me go back.

  • Eric

    I have to keep cable to keep my “unlimited internet” or my bill increases by $60… aka cheaper to have cable + unlimited internet 🙁

  • SV650

    I recall there was something similar as digital broadcast TV rolled out, and many communities lost their analogue signals to … nothing. Included a very few channels, offered on satellite for an exceedingly low price.

    I can see a cheap package offering a small number of channels being made available especially to those outside centres with available OTA TV, continuing the stations present in the larger centre. So Subscribers in BC might be able to avail of a package of stations broadcasting OTA in BC, even if they are living in an area distant from the broadcast.

    I also feel individual channel selections will end this need.

  • FragilityG4

    Cut my cable and couldn’t be happier. Besides it sounds good today but you know The Big Idiots will manage to screw it up!