Eastlink Now Has the ‘Most Extensive Wireless Coverage’ in Atlantic Canada


Nova Scotia’s Eastlink Wireless has announced today they now have the ‘most extensive wireless coverage’ in Atlantic Canada. The carrier has employed a “unique network partner” to help supplement their own network to eliminate dead zones.

“We continue to work to bring our customers the best possible overall wireless experience, including easy-to-understand and flexible plans, great value for money, and excellent customer service – all from the local provider you know and trust,” said Eastlink Wireless President Matthew MacLellan. “And now they will also be able to connect to the best available network, whether they’re streaming video in Bridgewater or New Glasgow, confirming their next tee time from Ingonish Beach, or checking for urgent emails while camping in Kejimkujik National Park.”

Coverage maps shared by Eastlink document the improved coverage. Below is a map from July 25, 2014, which shows some gaps:

Eastlink Coverage Map July 25 2014

Here’s the most recent up to date map from July 30, 2014, which shows extended coverage thanks to their ‘unique partner network’:

Eastlink Coverage Map July 30 2014

In an interview with the Chronicle Herald, Dan MacDonald, vice-president of marketing at Eastlink, stayed mum on revealing their network partner because “We have an additional roaming partner that I’m unable to name because of contractual restrictions.” The publication noted Eastlink had previously partnered with Rogers as a roaming partner to expand coverage.

MacDonald said the deal took months of technical trials and negotiations to make it come to fruition. Now that the extended coverage is available, customers should no longer question the carrier’s new vast coverage.

Eastlink is a subsidiary of Bragg Communications, which purchased $200 million worth of wireless spectrum in 2008. The carrier launched their 4G LTE network back in early 2013.


  • Adam r

    Looks good. But their plans keep getting worse. 50$ for 1gb sucks and that’s with no subsidy. They used to allow you to pick your data and pick your mins. 200 mins is enough for me. 1gb isn’t.

  • Scott Dixon

    In eastern passage and I can’t check mail or load a web page 0 bars, in Woodside i’m on 3g, areas in downtown Dartmouth I’m on 3g-4g depending what street I’m on. Plans are expensive now, it’s not worth it I’ll be switching back to bell even though I despise that company I’ve never had an issue with coverage. I’m also curious as to why when I was with Bell for 5 years I’ve gone over my 2g limit one time yet my data useage is through the roof with Eastlink, using iPhone and a third party app both reading one amount yet Eastlink insists I’m near double that each month.

  • DemKidsLoveBeats

    I can say with complete conviction that eastlink coverage is garbage. I have sat in buildings next to people with Fido/Rogers/Bell/Telus phones who are pumping out 3 bars of LTE, with 1 bar of eastlink 3G. usually yo uare on one of their extended networks…which I imagine is paid piggy-backing off other networks…and it is slower than it should be on those networks too.

    0/10 would not recommend went to Rogers.