Eastlink Expands Gig Internet Availability Across Canada to Ontario, BC


Eastlink has announced today its Gigabit Internet availability has expanded across Canada, reaching communities in Ontario and British Columbia.

Gig Internet has been available in limited parts of Nova Scotia and PEI since 2015, but now the service has reached: Guysborough, Nova Scotia; Port Hawksbury in Cape Breton; Kirkland Lake and Picton in Ontario; and Oliver in BC.

Pricing for Gigabit Internet starts at $119.95 for three months, then goes to $149.95 per month.

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“For years, we have been providing Gigabit speeds and higher to our larger business customers through our advanced business network,” says Lee Bragg, Eastlink CEO. “With real-time entertainment like video streaming, music, gaming and emerging connected home technologies driving exponential Internet growth, it’s time to bring this kind of Internet service to a wider range of customers, including residential customers.”

Eastlink and their partners Cisco Systems and ARRIS have invested $20 million into their fibre optic network, as noted in a press release.

Jeffrey Maddox, managing director, Service Provider for Cisco Canada, said “Eastlink is one of our most innovative and aggressive partners, when it comes to ensuring they are ahead of the Internet adoption curve.”

Cisco Systems says by 2020, there will be over 50 billion devices connected to the web as “the Internet of things” continues to take over. Eastlink has a turn-key connected home and business solution called Winston, which allows full control of lights, door locks, alarm monitoring and more from a mobile device.


  • Bill___A

    Meanwhile, Shaw introduced 250 Meg download speeds and although the people who have it are grandfathered in, they no longer sell it…

    A good national project would be to get really high speed internet available in pretty much everywhere. It was done with natural gas, telephone, and electricity, time to do it with fiber internet and mobile coverage. It would be a far better investment than a lot of things money is spent on..

  • Olley

    940 down but only 10 up???

  • SV650

    Yes, don’t you know people only use the internet for consumption, not productivity? /s

  • SV650

    Interesting that both Eastlink and Telus have Fibre in Oliver. I wonder how many communities will see duplicated infrastructure while others have none!

  • Michal

    10 up is … unacceptable for so much down :/
    wru telus with your 150/150… WTB

  • raslucas

    Eastlink uses cable right? I think there’s a limitation in how much upload they can do with Cable. Much like Shaw and their 150/15..

  • raslucas

    Like, bidirectional transfer rates is an advantage if having an optic network.