Fido Launches U.S. Roaming for $5/Day


Fido roam

Fido has announced today that it is adding Fido Roam to its Fido Pulse plans so customers traveling in the US can roam for $5 per day. With other international destinations, the bill doubles: it will cost $10 per day to keep your Fido number instead of buying a SIM card from a local carrier.

So, according to the new Fido Roam option, if you are traveling to the US (including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands) or other destinations in Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico, South and Central America, Asia, South Africa, Oceania, and the Middle East, Fido will charge customers for a max of 10 days per monthly bill per zone.

“Fido Roam is another great value add for our Fido Pulse plan customers. It’s affordable and easy to use so that our customers can worry less about finding a Wi-Fi connection and focus more on doing the things they love while travelling,” said Nancy Audette, Vice President, Fido. “We heard from our customers that they want to roam worry free, and that’s why we’re offering the ultimate roaming solution.”

As detailed in the announcement, this means up to 21 days of Fido Roam with no extra roaming charges in that month. In other words, Fido customers will be billed a maximum of $50 per month if they are roaming in the US, and a maximum of $100 for any of the aforementioned international destinations in that given month.

Fido Roam will be available from mid-May to new and existing Fido Pulse plan customers. Will you jump on this?


  • xeronine992

    Well, I’m glad I euthanize my old plan instead of waiting. I did end up getting a fairly sweet deal with Rogers Share Everything. at least compared to the Pulse plans Fido offers. If I could have used this with my 6GB $50 NA plan then I’d feel screwed, but no such luck. Oh well!

  • Jason

    does this offer only work with the “pulse plans” or any existing plan?

  • Only Pulse Plans

  • Larry

    What isn’t spelled out is how many minutes and how much data per day or month. Fido’s current U.S. monthly roaming plan give you 50 minutes a month of calling and 200 GB of data/month. With Roam Mobility you get unlimited calling and a max of 14 GB of LTE data. And with Fido Roam in the U.S., people there can’t call you without getting charged. When I travel in the U.S. with Roam Mobility, my family and friends there can and do call me frequently.

  • bbousquet

    It uses your plan minutes and data, the article says. Pretty much like Rogers’ Roam like Home.

    Edit: the article isn’t very clear on this but Fido’s announcement page is.

  • wahgee88

    I switched 2 lines to loyalty pulse max plans, so that I can take advantage of this feature. I’ve been itching to switch to a Rogers share everything public sector plan BC. Now, I don’t have to. 🙂

  • Z S

    Chances are I’ll just stick with my Roam Mobility SIM card. Don’t care about having a different phone number.

  • MarkL

    Not worth it. For short trips to US, T-Mobile’s $10 pay-as-you-go plan gives you 1GB and unlimited calling for 7 days. $40 gives yous 3GB and unlimited calling. Add another $10 and you can “roam” in Canada/Mexico. Essentially, if you pay $50USD (~$65CAD) you can have a T-Mobile unlimited plan + 3GB anywhere in North America.

    In Europe (most countries) you can get a data+voice prepaid plan for €20+.

    P.S. I dumped Roam long time ago for T-Mobile. Better deal, better coverage, better speeds.

  • Kevn

    I have the AT&T gophone 60 plan and I live in Canada, I do frequent the US like 2 days out of the week. I get LTE here in Canada of 5GB plus roll over. I have had this plan since november. It seems it’s going well so far.

  • Kevn

    I forgot to mention, the price of the plan is 55+ tax with auto refil from ATT website.