Fido, Virgin Promo: $57/2GB Until Sunday; $34/1GB for Quebec Returns


Fido and Virgin Mobile have launched weekend “promos”, which now appear to be happening regularly. Both carriers are offering the BYOD unlimited Canada-wide calling plan with 2GB of data for $57 (save $8).

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For customers in Quebec, the Canada-wide calling plan with 1GB is available for $34 (save $6), yet again from Fido, Virgin and Koodo. Also available is the 2GB plan but for $44 from Virgin and Koodo only in Quebec. Koodo does offer the 5GB plan for $60 as well in the province as another ‘promo’.

My head is dizzy from checking all of these “promos” in each province–I need to lie down. Best to call in and change over to these promo plans if you haven’t already so you can save a few bucks.


  • Toni

    Got bell, called in and asked to move my number to a quebec one, not even quebec address needed, $75/mont nationwide unlimited calls/messages and 10gb of data.

  • StevenUsernameMustBeUnique

    Do you have to change your phone number?

  • 1His_Nibs1

    REALLY!?!?!? How is that possible?

  • Just want to say thanks Gary!
    I switched to Fido $57 today from Bell’s $60. I pay $3 less and went from 300 minutes to unlimited. Bell also had some dead spots at my work, so hopefully Fido will fair better.

  • Nice move Tom!