Fido, Virgin, Koodo Simultaneously Bring Back Unlimited Minutes, as 500 Minutes Axed


Earlier this month, the flanker brands of the ‘Big 3’, Fido, Virgin Mobile and Koodo Mobile, all made changes to their plans in Alberta, BC and Ontario, reducing voice minutes to 500 Canada-wide instead of unlimited, for their BYOD plans (unlimited calling was $5 more per month).

Now, in a surprise move, Rogers, Bell and Telus have all simultaneously reverted these voice minutes back to unlimited Canada-wide calling for their flanker brands Fido, Virgin Mobile and Koodo Mobile.

As of writing, all three websites advertising BYOD plans now show unlimited Canada-wide minutes (except for plans with pay per use data), instead of 500 Canada-wide minutes.


Screenshot 2018 03 19 11 36 42

Virgin Mobile:

Screenshot 2018 03 19 11 37 05


Screenshot 2018 03 19 11 37 34

So for now, Canadian wireless users have been spared having just 500 Canada-wide minutes. But nowadays, most people text or use data-based messaging anyways, right? But for those who rely on voice minutes, any reduction of minutes can be an expensive change.

If you happened to sign up for a plan that had 500 minutes only, make sure you call back and revert to these unlimited Canada-wide plans.

Thanks Vincent!


  • Tony

    -when you lose all the customers that use phones for calls… after a few days of changing it to 500 mins. shame on fido.

  • Mike

    Does Koodo offer Wi-Fi Calling and VoLTE support on iPhone 6 and up on the postpaid side?

  • Diop

    No, They said but still nothing. I have the 34$ 1GB QC BYOD plan thinking to move because I have an Iphone 6S and I cannot fully use it

  • Olley

    the price fixing is super obvious that they don’t care if anyone notices as long as they don’t get called out by the gov. wtf.

  • Mike

    Do they support at least one of the two features? Or neither? It’s the one compelling reason for me right now to consider switching from their prepaid Public Mobile $38/4GB plan which I’m currently on

  • Ollie the monkey

    I have the 45$ unlimited talk and text plan with 2gb from koodo

  • Parry Clement

    I have unlimited talk and text with 5gb for $40…call retention at koodo

  • Amer Kojic

    I was paying 70 Dollars medium unlimited plan with 3 gig of data plus 1 gig loyalty.Got an email from fido that for 5 bucks more can have 10 gig.So I got it.Anyone else got an email?

  • Kim N Randy Modde

    I got unlimited calls for 20 bucks a month from fido today , no data but I am cool with that .

  • Dominic

    20 ? That is amazing ! I was happy with 30 haha

  • raslucas

    Ya. There’s a big difference between a company not having the capabilities (as in, neither Telus nor Koodo having it) and how it is now where they do support it and for one reason or another are not.

    You know it’s possible that they don’t want to enable it for Public Mobile, but are using the same carrier settings for both Koodo and Public… Haven’t been able/willing to split them up

  • Prestige Worldwide

    $50 for 1gb? Terrible

  • Mario R.

    This is what is included in my Freedom Plan for $50/month where I actually pay AFTER taxes $48 and I am at 11GB per/month because I added 3GB so after all that and referral bonus I pay $48/month for the following

    What’s Included
    Home Network
    8GB full-speed data (6GB + 2GB bonus)
    Unlimited talk to Canada and the U.S.
    Unlimited text, picture and video messaging to Canada and the U.S.
    Unlimited global text, picture and video messaging
    World Saver: International calling from 1¢/min to over 200 countries

    Away Network (in Canada and the U.S.)
    1GB full-speed data
    2400 minutes of talk to Canada and the U.S.
    Unlimited global text

    Additional Plan Features
    Call Control (Caller ID, Missed Call Alerts, Conference Calling, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting)

  • Mario R.

    Also on LTE
    I live in Ottawa and I traveled for work to Fredericton, NB ang got full speed LTE on AWAY network… Oh and the best part no outrageous roaming fees!!!

  • Olley

    that’s one thing I find sketchy about freedom – when it says “full-speed” do they refer to 4G/LTE speed or 3G? everyone else uses 4G/LTE/ or 3G if it comes to that.

  • Peter

    What province are you at? At bc I paid $25 for unlimited calls Canada wide with Fido.

  • Artem V.

    I got koodo unlimited 10gb $60 plan. Anyone interested?

  • Kate

    In Quebec, we might not have 10GB plans usually advertised, but at least, we have a more decent prices.