Fido and Virgin Price Drop BYOD Plans with 2GB, 3GB Data, Match Koodo


Fido has launched new promos for its 2GB and 3GB Smart plans that include unlimited Canada-wide minutes, unlimited SMS/MMS, call display and circle calling, plus Spotify and Daily Vice subscriptions for two years.

The prices for these BYOD plans now match Koodo’s discount that debuted yesterday, so that means $55/month for the 2GB and $65/month for the 3GB plan, with overages charged at $5/250MB.

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Not to be outdone, Virgin Mobile has also dropped their same BYOD plans to join the party:

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If you were on these plans before the price drop, it’s time to call in and save a few bucks per month. Fido’s plans do not include voicemail, but Virgin and Koodo’s plans do, so that’s something to consider.


  • Hey Gary, can you explain the difference between getting on the Koodo network vs. Telus network? Or Fido vs. Rogers? Are there big differences in coverage? If not, I don’t see why we all just don’t go to the low cost carriers.

  • Cornfed710

    Same network, no difference that I know of. The big 3 give you little extras I guess, like with Rogers, you get special NHL coverage. I personally prefer the no frills carriers.

  • I’m so happy I switched to Wind Mobile and are paying $35 a month for unlimited everything. Granted it’s only a 3G network without LTE, but if you don’t mind waiting a extra couple seconds for pages to load, it’s truly great.

  • Ronin

    Problem is that it has crappy coverage outside large metro areas. I live out in Langley, BC and I have zero signal. The big 3 know this, so they take advantage to pillage and rape our wallets.

  • Ronin

    The selection of phones are better with the big 3 rip offs: Rogers, Telus, Bell. They get all the lates iPhones, Samsung 6S, Edge on release. They also cater to business, and have bundle offers TV/Home Phone/cell services.

    Koodo, Fido on the other hand, phone selection sucks, no 24/7 support, and somewhat limited features. No Rogers one number (wifi calling), No iPhone Visual Voicemail with text transcription, etc. But in return, you get a cheaper monthly bill.

    Cell coverage is the same.

  • Ronin

    Also the big 3 have much higher data plans, like 6GB – 12GB plans. It’s the only reason why I am with Rogers, as I need a min. 6GB plan.

  • Ah, yeah you’re correct there. I’m fortunate enough to in Surrey BC just outside of Vancouver, and I’m right in the middle of the coverage zone, and I almost never travel outside the city area.

  • Stefanie

    I’m trying to find these on Virgin’s site. Can anyone help?

  • Look for the BYOD section under plans

  • Stefanie

    Thanks Gary, but I don’t see them there. Maybe they’ve taken them down already? i’m going to call and ask them. I was able to still find them on Fido’s site, though.

  • Stefanie

    So, I was just told by Virgin that ‘they took it down early’. I pointed out that it said ‘until June 1st’ but was told, ‘well, it’s no longer available’ and that the rate for my current plan (the above -unlimited minutes with 2GB, but at $60, was ‘better than what your current plan would cost to switch to now’ ($78). I pointed out that Fido still has the ‘deal’ up on their site right now, and their reply was, ‘well we’re not Fido’. Finally, I said that I owned my phone outright and would be able to switch, so could they not do anything for me? ‘No, I’m sorry.’ Okay then…

  • Stefanie

    I’m not getting it there. 🙁 This is what I see…

  • What province do you have selected?

  • Stefanie

    Ontario. And the guy I spoke to at Virgin said ‘they took it down early’. I can see the offer still up on Fido and Koodo right now, though.

    Thanks for your help, Gary. I know I’m kinda late in reading this article anyway.