Fido $25 Promo: Unlimited Texting, Long Distance, 5PM Evenings, 150 Minutes, CID/VM


Some people out there are using unlocked iPhones with voice plans only, forgoing data plans and relying on Wi-Fi instead. If that’s you then this new $25 Fido promo plan might fit your needs for a decent voice plan. Here’s what’s included:

  • Unlimited local and international SMS/MMS
  • 150 daytime minutes
  • 5PM evenings and weekends
  • Unlimited Canada-wide long distance (within your allotted minutes of course)
  • Caller ID and mini voicemail (up to 3 messages of 3 minutes each, saved up to 3 days)
  • $25/month; first month is free
  • monthly or 2 year terms available; expires December 31st

$25 fido plan

If you throw in the $10 add on for anytime unlimited Canada-wide calling (no zone restrictions), then this would make a decent voice plan for $35. Of course, don’t forget Fido also has a $56 promo plan and also a $67 unadvertised  equivalent plan as well (eligible for three year terms).

Let us know if you’re going to jump on this!


  • Wuju

    Any idea if the Canada wide is included in the evening and weekend minutes too? This is awesome if so

  • ICJ

    virginmobile has the same plan….not sure about 1st month free though

  • ICJ


  • Phil

    Why would you need to get the $10 addon if the plan already has unlimited LD?

  • JAm

    Can you get this and then add data?

  • This could be interesting for the wife 🙂

  • Kuldip Kainth

    This seems pretty awesome for my mom. I was gonna give her my old 4S and she doesn’t want data. Wouldn’t mind more minutes though…
    Any comparable Koodo or Virgin plans?

  • t3d

    What’s “Mini Voicemail and Call Display”?

  • Jon

    Cause having LD means you still need to make the call from within your zone. The add-on, as written, has no restrictions.

  • Jon


  • Jon

    Like ALL PLANS, yes.

  • gtasscarlo

    It has Canada wide LD included, there are no need to add on any LD pack….

  • gtasscarlo

    Few things to know, the first month free is on a two year and the $35 activation fee(waived on a 2-3 year term) If your planning to go month to month.

    So the best course is to get the $50 subsidy off the zte phone, you get the waived first month and free activation credit. This is a $60 savings, and when your ready to leave, you can pay off the balance on the phone. Which is less then what you saved.

  • Matt

    Can Atlantic customers still subscribe to fido? The reason I ask is I’m a rogers customer and know their network works for me… but there are no fido stores this side of Quebec. I’d drop rogers in a heart beat if I could save 30-40 dollars a month.

  • Ojamali

    To add to Jon’s response, the unlimited LD still uses your daytime 150 mins limit so if u call LD a lot during daytime then be prepared to pay the per min local call charges in excess of 150.

    A great plan nevertheless.

    I think mom is on a better retentions plan from Rogers though.

    300 daytime mins
    Unlimited incoming
    Evening/Weekends @ 6pm
    100 local TXT
    Call forward/call waiting
    Full CallerID and Voicemail with visual vm
    100 US and international txt msg
    Mobile Data TV

    $30.79 + tax/month.

    She is using it on her iPhone 4 with no data plan. She uses wifi.

  • thiof

    Thanks for the information. I was able to make the switch. I downgraded from the 57$ plan with 2GB Data to a less expensive plan. I mostly use my cell on evening and weekend. If I need data in a zone with no wifi, I still can pay 1$ for 24H.

  • Zee

    The Call Display in this package is number only. It will not display the name of the caller.

  • wahgee

    Switched my dad to this plan. 1.5 yr left on contract. Has $5 credit. $20 plus BC HST.

  • cUn1t

    Virgin has the same plan. Also has a $30 or $35 plan with more mins. It should be on the website.

  • dave

    Wind sucks – very bad coverage.
    For instance calls from Vancouver are fine if on an unlimimted plan. Montreal not.

  • Jim

    So even if the person who calls you is in your contact list, the name of the contact will not show up?

  • Mo

    Great workaround

  • Thwarth

    I just asked. The answer was no. You can’t add data