Fido $57 Unlimited Plan: Bonus 1GB Data and $1 Off Extras Expire


Fido’s $57 unlimited plan previously had an extra 1GB of data and $1 off, plus the first month free. Those promotional “extras” toward this promo plan have expired as of yesterday, but the plan in its original form is still ongoing.

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As for the same plan that is eligible for three year terms (which means it is iPhone 5 eligible), the unadvertised $67 plan has also lost its extra gigabyte of data but is still available if you call in.

These plans offer incredible value for voice calls as you get unlimited long distance for both incoming and outgoing calls (zone free), plus unlimited local and international texting, caller ID and voicemail. Data overages are $10/GB.

There is no set expiry date for both of these promo plans to end, according to the Fido rep we spoke to. Were you able to jump on the $57 plan when it had 2GB of data and the extra $1 off?


  • exaro

    I did jump on the $56/2Gb version cancelling a decade old Telus contract. Telus refused to give me the similar unlimited plan offered in SK, MB and Thunder Bay, ON with 5Gb for $60. When Fido upped the offer to first month free is became irresistible. A week and a half in, I can say it’s very relaxing and comfortable not having to think about minuets, time or day, local calling area, etc. While gone for now, I expect something similar will come back in a few months with the next aggressive marketing campaign.

  • Yeah we also jumped onto the $56 plan. We ported our number from Rogers to Fido for $100, and will explain the details in a future post.

    But you’re right, not having to worry about incurring overages is pretty awesome, especially when receiving long distance calls from outside local calling areas. Those overages were killing us before.

  • gtasscarlo

    It was a great plan. I just didn’t want to pay $13 more and lose 4 GB of data.

  • I jumped on the same plan but with Koodo

  • wahgee

    Still like to have the insurance of 6gb.

  • I thought that for a while until I took a real close look at my usage. Mostly within Wi-Fi, my data was hovering only around 1GB. If I do need to go over, $10/GB is reasonable since I have 2GB included in my plan. Averaged out over a year I’m still only paying for data when I need it.

  • wahgee

    I hear ya. Tough call. At least got retentions to note $67 plan with $10 credit and 2gb data. I could switch. I have gone over 3gb around three times. I just wish there was equal emphasis on data and talk. Seems to be focusing on giving us lots of talk and skimping on data.

  • The carriers know data is where the big money is from now on.

    People don’t make as many voice calls anymore, compared to pre-iPhone days.

  • crap, I missed out on this, was gonna make the switch over today but then I saw this. Thought it expired on January 8th for some reason. You think that they’ll have some other offers in the future or this is it?

  • Terry

    I got it on 2 phones on my plan. Plus the 25 dollar plan for my wife. Sweet deals.

  • james bond