Fido Changes iPhone Policy, Minimum $25 Voice Plan Required


Effective December 1, 2010, Fido has changed their iPhone sales policy.

Going forward, any customer who wants to purchase an iPhone on Fido or renew their existing service on Fido with an iPhone, must have a minimum $25 voice plan and $25 data plan to receive promotional pricing.

For example:

  • Customers who sign a 3-year contract with a $25 voice plan and $25 data plan will receive promotional iPhone pricing.
  • Customers who sign a 3-year contract with a $25 voice plan and no data plan will receive promotional iPhone pricing plus a $200 premium charge for the lack of a data plan.
  • Customers who sign a 3-year contract with less than a $25 voice plan will not be able to purchase an iPhone, whether a data plan is chosen or not.

This is just more bad news for prospective and current Fido customers which compounds on the recent $25.00 Fido upgrade fee change.



  • piranha

    It’s almost like rogers/fido live in a fantasy medival world, just adding fees and rules onto their people(clients) without care?! What will happen when the competition gets their shit together with real plans? Wil their next response be “Let them eat cake..!” ?!?

  • Eason_1108

    for those who just upgraded to iPhone 4, i hope after 2-3 years, there will be more choice instead of just stick with fido/rogers

  • Anonymous

    Certainly feeling like going unlocked with the next iPhone.

  • Well Telus and Bell can run iPhone now (and technically Koodo and Solo since they run the the same network), but its debatable whether they are “better” than Rogers/Fido

  • iVictoria

    The “original 3” and their poorer offspring are starting to feel the effects of competition – but just barely. Have a look at Rogers’ last quarterly financial results. Similar to what the airlines are doing (extra bag – $40; food on-board $10; a glass of wine $7) Fido is attempting to ensure that they give nothing away for free unless they are absolutely required to do so because of competition (think $35 activation fee that is currently waived by Fido and others). That said, you cannot blame Fido for setting a minimum on the services you purchase if it is going to give you a $779 (current price of Apple iPhone 4 32GB at the Apple Store in Canada) for $299. The end-user now has an option which did not exist in Canada prior to the introduction of the iPhone 4 – buy your iPhone for full price directly from Apple and then pick and choose the carrier and services you want to purchase or receive a subsidized iPhone from your carrier of choice, select the minimum services required and pay for the new iPhone over the life of the 2 or 3 year contract. At least consumers now have a choice and for many of us, the choice will be to purchase the iPhone outright so that we can select the services we want, when we want them and from the carrier that provides the best service at the most competitive price. Yes, fellow iPhone enthusiasts, we are starting to see the effects of competition but we won’t see its full effect until the Wind Mobiles of Canada stand on equal footing with the “original 3”. Until then, Fido can more or less add fees and demand minimum services requirements, as it has just done.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like TELUS is the only one making changes for the better….

  • Anonymous

    hold on…solo desnt do iphone…u can have an iphone with them but data wont work..i used to b with them & switched to rogers just to get my iP4…dont tell me all this changed just ater i switched!!!

  • Anonymous

    hold on…solo desnt do iphone…u can have an iphone with them but data wont work..i used to b with them & switched to rogers just to get my iP4…dont tell me all this changed just ater i switched!!!

  • Rogers tried this with me too. Basiclly it’s a ploy to get existing customers who have good retention plans who want to do a hardware upgrade. They are going to make you make up for it by paying full price. So that Money you think you have been saving per month will be spent on a new phone, or offer you a non-retention plan to get the hardware discount.

  • Jd2157

    More of the same from Rogers/Fido… reminds me of the ‘Hands in your pocket’ commercials. With Telus announcing phone unlocking coming in early 2011, as well as several other improvements, it’s only a matter of time before the others feel some pain.

    2011 should be an interesting year for the Canadian wireless industry.

  • Anonymous

    My wife is currently on a retention plan where she pays $25 for limited voice and data each month. I was planning on upgrading her from the 3GS to the 4 this Christmas. The change looks like I’m faced with either losing the retention deal or having to buy her an unlocked iphone from Apple?

    There’s no way I’m losing the retention plan if this is the case.

  • Anonymous

    Exceptions can be made I’m sure. Just contact retentions and seei if they can do something for you

  • Thehappyprince

    Just plain GREED.

  • Noahattic

    i will just wait rogers to offer me a good reason to enjoy the carrier unlocked iPhone 5 from Telus or maybe some Android cake from Wind Mobile.

  • Ttres

    Mr. Rogers yields it’s hammer again. So Fido will loose new AND existing customers. That’s good news for the newcomers, such as Wind or whatever they are called.

    The way I see it if a parasite kills it’s host, it will die too.

  • I called looking to get an iPhone 4. The kind Customer Care Rep told me that you need a minimum $50 voice/data for iPhone and minimum $40 voice/data for BlackBerry. These do not include any add-ons such as text messaging, voice mail, caller ID, etc… I’m pretty sure there’s no way at the moment to break the system. You’re better off retaining your old retention plans and buying an unlocked full-priced iPhone direct from Apple. In the end, measure the amount of money buying full-priced phone with cheaper plan vs a subsidized phone with expensive plan and see how much costs less for you =P

  • You know, if we were still dealing with 2 year contracts instead of the asinine 3 year contracts perhaps I could understand this…but there is NO way anyone is going to tell me that over the period of 3 years they aren’t still turning a profit.

    It’s the HOW MUCH PROFIT that seems to stick in the Rogers craw. Apparently making a reasonably fair profit without totally screwing the consumer just isn’t good enough anymore.

  • Dillon

    People complain WAY too much, for example i know With Rogers they’ve offered early upgrades for iPhone customers with every launch. So let’s say you started in 2008 paying 199 for an iPhone 3G, that’s a discount of 450 or so given. Then 12 months later, iPhone cx who got the first iPhone were able to upgrade to the 3GS at promotional pricing, another subsidy of about 450, AGAIN this past year the same promo was offered to upgrade to iPhone 4, giving a 500 dollar subsidy. So across two years of service many original iPhone customers would have received 1400 in subsidy discounts, over 24 months this works out to being about 58 dollars a month to pay the subsidies alone ! With the plane starting at 50 a month, I find it interesting how so many people can complain. Go pay 700 for the phone and the SAME price for the plan if you’d like, suit yourself…

  • Noahattic

    ….something wrong here. you don’t receive the promotional pricing if you upgrade your phone every year. it’s $400 ish you r gonna pay. of course if rogers makes $100+ from you. that’s another story.

    even with the BASIC plan for $52, after adding call id, voicemail, it will end up with $70 ish every month. think about you r gonna live like that for 3 years. and rogers isn’t willing to stop screwing its customers.

  • Vx

    I don’t know who is in charge for Fido. Oh, yeah! The Dog!

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  • Scorpionkami

    totally bullshit…see them all bending on their knees…

  • RogersElise

    Hi all. I am Elise from Rogers social media team.
    I just wanted to let you know that combining voice and data is actually not mandatory. You still have the flexibility to have a voice-only plan on your smartphone. (i.e. you can still have any voice plan, with no data). However, to obtain a new smartphone at the discounted price, we require a minimum monthly plan of $25 with a data add-on with a 3 year Fido Agreement.