Fido Device Protection Plan Launches, $12 Per Month for iPhones


Last year Rogers launched their Device Protection plans in November, and today the company has informed us Fido Device Protection has similarly launched. The protection package service includes the following:

  • Device Protection
  • Phone Finder and Anti-theft
  • Fido TechXpert service

The monthly costs associated for the service are as follows: $8 for Fido TechXpert service, $10 for Fido Device Protection (non-iPhone devices) and $12 for iPhone devices.

Screen Shot 2013 03 19 at 11 59 15 AM

Below are the features of Fido Device Protection:

– Your device is protected against physical damage, loss*, theft* and water damage, including out-of-warranty malfunction.
– Let us know about an issue by 5 p.m. (ET) and, in most cases, your replacement device will be delivered next business day.
– To be eligible, you must sign up within 15 days of new activation or upgrade.
– All devices are covered, including iPhone, and standard accessories including battery, charger, SIM card and memory card. Fido Prepaid and tablets are not eligible.
– No term commitment required. You can cancel at any time.
– Replacement devices may be new or refurbished versions of the same or comparable model.
– Limit of two replacements during a 12-month period.
– Depending on your device model, a service replacement fee of $25, $80, $120 or $200 will be charged when you make a request to replace your device. A full list of Service Replacement Fees by model is available at

Anyone interested in signing up for this?


  • 16Gb iPhone 5 replacement fee is $200. Plus the $12 a month? That puts it far over the cost of Applecare+! Are there any advantages to this over Apple’s protection plan?

  • Breathless

    Can’t people abuse this. You can claim you lost your phone 2 times for the year and pay the $200. Then sell it back for at least double the price.

  • cyruskafaiwu

    you’re not post this.

  • Mark

    This is beyond silly. Costs for extended warranties (with replacement) on other similarly priced items is a small fraction of this.

  • MrXax

    Absolutely hilarious. I truly hope that no one is foolish enough to throw their money away like this.

  • MrXax

    I’m not totally sure, but I think phones marked as stolen will be blacklisted on the network.

  • Chuck

    do the math, This is a fantastic idea and I’ll def sign up the next time I upgrade my device. I’ve had to pay $700 in the past when I lost my device and this would have saved me a bundle. Even with the $200 and $12/month you end of saving money for years if you damage or lose your device.

  • Chuck

    derek, Applecare+ doesn’t include lost/stolen and “damage” can be subjective. From what I read this plan covers lost, stolen, any type of damage (such as water) with no questions asked.

  • Lacoste

    Of course not Gary Ng. What a waste of money! When did you become so soft on Rogers/Fido. I remember the early days of your blog when you ran the accumulating list of terrible moves Rogers made. Nothing like that here anymore. Too bad.

  • I think the plans speak for themselves. We have evolved to bring a more balanced approach; when we rag on carriers people accuse us of not being objective. We can’t win them all.