Fido Drops $57 ‘Unlimited’ Plan by a Dollar, Now $56


The $57 Fido promotional plan just keeps getting better. Originally set to expired in December, the plan was extended to January 7th. Then, Fido responded to its competitors and doubled the data to 2GB.

Now, Fido has dropped the price by a whole dollar to $56, a move to put their plan above similar offerings from Koodo and Virgin Mobile. This promo plan is available month to month or on two year terms.

fido promo plan

If you are looking for an iPhone 5 eligible plan, check out our earlier post on Fido’s $67/month offering, which is the same as the $57…err…$56 plan but has 1000 daytime minutes instead of unlimited outgoing.

For those that signed up to this $57 promo plan, you will need to call in to Fido to have them make the adjustments (similar to calling in to get that extra GB of data), so you can save your precious buck!

[via MobileSyrup]


  • I wonder if I switch, and my 6gig data plan is actually a separate contract, will I get the two on top of the 6 lol.

  • Olley

    50 bucks then i’m in.

  • G

    Not hard to figure out that If you want it that way…than your paying $56 for the plan and 2gb, plus $30 for the 6gb.

  • Wuju

    Why boder with one dollar off? Can’t they at least go for 3 bucks? So silly.

  • KJ

    Merry christmas from fido lmfao

  • Paul

    Why do they have a different plan for iPhone?

  • Duncan

    Thx for this – I was with the $57 plan and just switched. I was charged $50/phone in the prior plan, now they’re offering the same phone for $0. What’s my chances of getting them to credit the $50 (I only signed a month ago)?

  • The return period is normally 14 days (with 30 mins or less of talk time). you could try your luck…

  • Patryn

    This plan works for your iPhone. I have it, and am using the iphone 5.

  • MultiRace

    got a free phone and 56 dollar plan and 2 gbs of data plus 150 dollar gift card woohoo