Fido Gives Free Canadian Long Distance Calling To ‘Loyal’ Customers On Valentine’s Day


This week, it looks like Fido has started sending out emails to ‘loyal’ customers that give them free Canadian Long Distance calling on February 14, 2011.

A portion of the Fido email states,

“Let them know love has no boundaries… It’s almost Valentine’s Day and Fido wants to reward your loyalty”.

I cannot even begin to understand what Fido defines as a ‘loyal’ customer, but this is a nice gesture, especially if you have loved ones across Canada.

If you’re a Fido customer, did you get this email?



  • Slowburn

    I would consider myself a ‘loyal’ customer. I’ve been with them for about 3 years. (2 iPhones-lots of Fido dollars 😉 )
    I didn’t receive this email. Not that I would be making any long distance calls on Feb. 14.

  • Drew

    Been with fido since iPhone 3G… No email.

  • nope, I never got this email either… I guess I’m not loyal either

  • Been with Fido for 12 years… No email. :-/

  • Ex


    12 years and no email. I am truly confused on Fidos definition of “loyalty”.

  • PDS

    No email either. Been with Fido 3 years

  • What about Rogers?

  • Ex

    Rogers is the hate machine.

    Are you missing your Rogers valentine under the Granville bridge? 😉

  • 10 years with fido… the last 3 years with a bill of $90/month… No email either…

  • No Email 🙁

  • Cyrus

    No email on 4 accounts.

  • nope

  • Jepeters

    I’ve been with FIDO for 8 years and my husband who lives in Montreal while I pursue my studies in Toronto was one of the first FIDO clients in that city. Neither of us have received this offer.

  • Gazargui

    I did receive a similar email, but it was for unlimited intl long distance for Valentines day. I received an email Apr 4th about fido dollars in exchange for long distance add ons. Did anybody else receive this? When I clicked on the emails link, one of the options was for “unlimited intl long distance”. I can’t open it again, and was wondering if someone got the same if they could send me a screen shot?