Fido iPhone 4 for $0: Sign 2 Year Term, Get $100 Best Buy Gift Card


For those looking to get their first iPhone, Fido has their iPhone 4 for $0 on a two year term, which has been standard. But if you activate this device at Best Buy, you’ll receive a $100 gift card (in-store only). The phone will be eligible towards the promo $39 plan (450 day time minutes, 600MB data).

Screen Shot 2013 05 19 at 8 40 48 PM

Of course, the iPhone 4 is an old phone that is slow in today’s standards so smartphone snobs will ignore this. But if your parents or grandparents want an iPhone and don’t care about the latest and greatest, a free iPhone 4 with the $39/month plan is a decent start, plus you get paid $100 in gift cards. Let us know if you’re going to jump on this warm deal.

[via RFD]


  • and you will need the 100 to buy more data, because no where near enough data

  • For light casual users who don’t stream videos or surf the net much, 600MB is plenty per month.

  • I agree. I can totally see my mother using it. My wife has 2GB and she doesn’t go over 400.

  • jabohn

    Almost got my mom onto the iPhone wagon. Went over a bunch of details with the Best Buy rep only to find out they have no stock. We’ll wait to see if they get more in but have a feeling the deal runs out when the stock does.