Fido Launches $67 ‘Unlimited’ Promo Plan for the iPhone 5


You have heard about Fido’s popular $57 unlimited plan (it now includes 2GB of data), which is only good for customers on monthly or 2 year terms. It meant the iPhone 5 was excluded since a three year term is required for the latest iPhone on a subsidized price. But that has now changed.

Available today (it officially launches Friday), Fido has launched a ‘competitive match plan’ for $67/month, good for month to month customers or 3 year terms, also applicable to the iPhone 5 on contract. What’s included in this plan? Everything from the $57 plan, but the only difference is 1000 daytime minutes instead of unlimited. So here’s a modified look at what the $67 offers:

fido $67 plan

The plan is not advertised on but is live within their systems, so you will have to either call in or get to a Fido store to jump on this promo plan. We’ve verified it with Fido on the phone.

Let us know if you’re going to jump on this unlimited plan for the iPhone 5.

Thanks to George for the earlier heads up on this!



  • 1000 anytime minutes but unlimited Canada-wide long distance? I don’t get it???

  • Essentially the long distance applies anytime you want to chat–but limited by your 1000 daytime minutes if you’re talking during the day.

  • ah, not obvious, thanks

  • Sean

    @Peter It just means you won’t get any extra charges for long distance. During the day it’s still 1000 minutes, you can call all of Canada with those 1000.

  • henry

    just jumped onto this plan from my 60$ 2gb plan + 5$ call display/mini voicemail package. Not too shabby

  • Switched my wife and I over to this plan yesterday. We’ll be saving a decent chunk of change since we were at about $85/month each before. 1000 daytime minutes is plenty for me (especially if evenings start at 5:00… did I hear that right?), but we’ll have to monitor my wife’s usage to see if it’ll work for her.

    One thing to note, I was told this plan would not be active until November 30th, as that’s when they’re planning to announce it, and that my account technically wouldn’t be switched over until then.

  • Konstantine Neikours

    Just changed my plan to this new one through Fido Chat available on under your account. Everything was changed as described above. No issues. This plan also includes VIsual Voicemail Plus which is transcribed voice mail that you can read. Anyone tried those? Is it any good?

  • Konstantine Neikours

    They try to make a change on your billing date so that there are no prorated adjustments between billing cycles. Probably Nov 30 is your billing date. You can politely ask to make it effective immediately but then your invoice will look all funny and complicated to understand.

  • Rickyscv

    Is the $57 plan still available?

  • Konstantine Neikours

    It is for those on monthly terms or two year terms. $67 is only for those of us stuck on 3 year terms due to iPhone 5 or other more expensive smartphone purchases.

  • MrXax

    Finally. Done. The online chat Fido rep first said she’d have to look into it to see if I was eligible, as it’s not available to everyone. I suspect they just were unfamiliar with the new plan. She came back with the all-clear.

    Also, they noted that incoming calls are unlimited, so apparently only outgoing calls use the 1000 minutes.

  • No, he specifically said the plan wasn’t available until the 30th, so he couldn’t pro-rate it for me. My billing date is somewhere around the 12th I believe.

  • Nice!

    The rep we spoke to on the phone did also say it was coming out Friday, but they fast tracked it to allow for people to get it starting today.

  • Muddy_Water

    Girlfriend called Rogers yesterday and got this on her 4S but was able to keep her 6GB of data for $69… the deals are there to be had.

  • so this exact plan, but with 6GB on rogers? Do you know what department she talked to?

  • Jon

    I got this but with 6 GB data, and 200 minutes instead of 1000, for $63 while upgrading to iPhone 5 on retention the other day. Others have scored what I got for $57 but I didn’t get that.

  • gtasscarlo

    It launched quicker then I thought!

  • Muddy_Water

    She already had the 6GB so that helped, retention’s I believe. She also had the 4S for about 13 months.

  • mcfilmmakers

    I have the above with 6 GB and UNLIMITED voice for 80$. I fail to see the value in this plan.

  • wahgee

    I’ve got $40 standard, $12 value pack, $30 6gb data subtract $10 = $72 from retentions. 1 yr left on my iPhone 4 contract.

  • chair51

    Switched, unreal that you can actually get a better plan 1 year into a 3 year term. Like it. Thanks for the post Gary.

  • You’re welcome. It’s amazing what a little negotiation can do.

  • $ 73 ( before taxs) I got last week 6 GB data unlimited voice Canada wide, visual voice, name & tel # display

  • bonovoxy11

    i’m with Fido and when i resigned to get my new iPhone 5 (i was also about 9 months away from resigning period BTW, but they waived my cancellation fee down to $60 from $200 and gave me promo pricing on iphone 5 and let me use Fido dollars without $25 HUP fee) i ended up negotiating: 250 anytime min., unlmd 5pm/weekend, canada wide unlmt calling, visual voicemail, callerID, unltd international text/picture, 6gig data, unlimited incoming calls – $62 per month. retention helped me get that.

  • Eric Lewis

    Im confused about the Long Distance (maybe someone can help)

    1) I have a Toronto number and so does this mean I can call my mom in London (without extra charges?)

    2) Can I be visiting my mom in London and answer my phone and call friends back in Toronto (without extra charges)

    Not sure if this plan would save me money, I always have some sort of LD charges…

  • Yes and yes.

  • Henry

    Yes and yes

  • bonovoxy11

    Just to be clear, if you ANSWER the phone while you’re in london, you will incur long distance charges.. if you look at who called you and then call them BACK you won’t.

  • There are NO ZONES within this plan. You can be anywhere and receive calls from anywhere. Confirmed by Fido.

  • hussam

    hi there can you open iphone 5 from fido and how can i do it

  • Konstantine Neikours

    not clear on your question. How do you open iPhone 5? With a screw driver and a hammer?! I don’t get what are you trying to ask.

  • James

    how did you get unlimited voice Canada wide, and that with 6GB? Does it have unlimited international texting as well??

  • Eric Lewis

    So I can call anywhere in Canada and be anywhere in Canada… sweet

    Im always incurring about $10 in long distance charges (this is the difference between my plan and the new one)!

  • thanks Sean, appreciate it

  • Monsterous

    They just told me NO on a new account. I am allowed to move this plan to replace my old CityFido on my Iphone 4 which is still in its 1st year of 3, but if I try and open a second account and go to Iphone 5, they say the $67 doesnt apply and I have to go to the $80 Max plan to get similar features ( includes unlimited minutes in and out )

  • That doesn’t seem right. Call back.

  • Monsterous

    you are correct, I called back and got the $67 deal on a new iphone. The guy I talked to earlier had no clue.

  • Dieter

    I just swapped from paying $70/month on my 3 year plan with my iphone 4, to the $67 plan getting 4 times the data, plus unlimited long distance. I lost my unlimited day time to 1000 mins, but with free incoming, this will still work to my advantage……i get more, i pay less 🙂

  • Nice!

  • Monsterous

    after getting cut off 3 times due to their phone system being messed up, and complaining about the earlier rep’s lack of knowledge, I finally got the deal done. Transferrred $80 Fido dollars over from my old account, gave me a refer a friend bonus of $40 ( referred myself ) a $50 activation credit, a $10 sim credit ( for my old 4 to get a new number ) so I get the Iphone 5 without the $179 fee, and a $67 plan on both my 4 and 5 plans now which is $20 less than what Ive been paying. The 4 will make a nice Xmas pres for the gf and she can pay the account off while I enjoy the 5! 😀

  • bonovoxy11

    wow.. that’s awesome.. i HAVE this plan and didn’t know i can pick up my phone anywhere.. that’s new..

  • Yep. Fido says it’s zone free. You can even call and ask.

  • reglian

    is this plan still available?

  • Yes

  • Deetz

    oh, this is great, thanks for the heads up! I will be calling up Fido in the morning to ugrade my outgoing minutes 😀

  • Monsterous

    Good Grief FIDO are on CRACK! 16 phone calls within 10 days to do this:

    Open a new (second) account with 3 yr $67 plan and Iphone 5.

    Transfer my old Iphone 4 Fido phone number to Iphone 5

    Transfer a Virgin Mobile number to the Iphone 4 account.

    16 CALLS!??? These kids have no clue. Every single one told me something different than the last. I had to re-explain myself so many times over and over that it made me want to punch something. Even after they told me the Virgin to Fido transfer had started, I waited 4 days and nothing. Called back finally got a smart rep and he transferred it within 5 minutes. But he wasnt smart enough to add my new MicroSim number (which Id given him ) and if I hadn’t caught it in time they’d have moved Virgin onto my Iphone 5 account..

    They obviously hire idiots.

  • I’m surprised you haven’t lost your marbles!

  • Monsterous

    Unfortunately I’m locked in for 2 years on one plan and 3 years on another.

  • Oistinmman

    I switched Yesterday dec 15 2912 and now they offer unlimited voice calls on this $67 plan

  • I just switched on to it today! I was paying 60$ with the iPhone 5 for 7 dollars more I get unlimited minutes and long distance calling. Worth it! The data though is back down to 1GB instead of 2GB darn!