BREAKING: Fido Launches 6PM Early Evenings As A Standard Plan Feature!


The following update is pretty huge for Fido!

Effective December 6 2010, Fido has made 6PM early evenings a standard feature across ALL of their price plans that include the evenings and weekends feature.

Previously, Fido plans started their evenings at 7PM, but with recent activity from Koodo and Virgin, 6PM is now standard.

This is not a promotion that will expire. This is a permanent change for all price plans that include the evenings and weekends feature. The new 6PM feature is available on the following plans for new customers:

  • $20 Voice plan (not applicable to iPhones)
  • $25 Voice plan
  • $35 Incoming plan
  • $35 Voice plan
  • $50 Voice plan
  • $70 Voice plan
  • $65 iPhone voice & data plan
  • $80 iPhone voice & data plan

Existing Fido Customers

The 6PM standard feature has also been extended to existing customers on a reactive basis. What this means is that existing customers simply call in to update their existing price plan.

For example, if you are with Fido and currently subscribed to one of the above listed plans, Fido will simply switch your plan to the same package but now with the 6PM early evening feature for free. No contract renewal is required.

Note: The offer has not yet been updated on their website. Internal screenshot below:


  • Kevinjmain

    If you have a grandfathered plan you will have to get a new plan, just called Fido Rep.

  • Ben Senise

    now if they would only make Caller ID a standard feature instead of charging a ridiculous $8/month for it.

  • Disappointed

    I just got off the phone with Fido. Apparently if you have an older plan (i.e. not one that they currently offer) with 7pm evenings and weekends, they cannot modify it to 6pm. 🙁

  • Ex

    That’s right. You need to change your plan to one of the plans listed above.

  • Noahattic

    and they also need to make caller display and name display to one add-on!!

  • Anonymous

    Anybody had luck doing this with a retention plan ?

  • Anonymous

    It shouldn’t be a problem, just need to change your plan to one of the ‘current’ ones that retention offers… which are more or less the same as before anyways… lol

  • Anonymous

    I get that too. I have an unlimited GPRS 50.00 data plan (PC Card, Rocket Stick, and now able to use on iPhone) which I got 10 years ago. In order for me to get a free 3GS with Fido dollars, I had to add the basic 20.00 City Fido. It is not worth it for me to gain 1 hour of unlimited local calling to change what I have. I think the carriers want you to move to an updated price plan by enticing you with these recent good specials.