Fido Launches Circle Calling: Free Calling Between People On The Same Account


This week, Fido launched a new service called “Circle Calling”. The new feature enables free calling between people on the same Fido account.

As users add other people to their Fido account, each with their own monthly plan, all the people on the same account get unlimited local calls within the circle. Up to four extra people may be added per account for a total of five users per account.

This is a great service for those that are looking to create a Family/Couples Plan with Fido or that have a friend or family member that they talk to a lot. To get the feature, existing Fido customers will have to call Fido Customer Care to add Circle Calling to their account. New Fido accounts will have the feature added automatically at activation.

Also, the Circle Calling service is available on all Fido postpaid plans for free!


  • Warpdrive

    Same thing on TELUS except it’s not just local calls, nationwide.

  • Frustrated

    This existed in Australia 12 years ago! Oh, and voicemail is free, and data usage is dirt cheap, and you don’t get charged minutes when OTHER people ring you, and there is no such thing as long distance calls from other parts of the country!