Fido Monthly Plans Updated with Double the Data and $5 Off


just a quick note for Fido users–monthly plans have been updated on their website to include double the data and $5 off the Standard Plans.

So that means the Smart plans (Max Plans) now have 1GB-2GB of data for the various plans. Note the addition of the $55 plan, which did not exist when these new plans were introduced in early August.

Check the changes out below:

With LTE though, you might be better off going with a 6GB data plan if you’re a heavy user.

Thanks hayman!


  • RyanStOnge

    $60 plan doesn’t seem half bad with 2 GB of data.

  • jabohn

    Once you add visual voicemail etc. then it costs more than my plan by a couple of bucks. Mind this plan is double the data, but I usually only use around 300mb per month anyway.

  • joe

    But no caller id included in the plans…

  • xywix

    I use minimum 4 every month And over, and that’s with 3G… Cant wait for to grab the iP5

  • Mark Morissette

    Not bad, not great. Heavy data users are still left in the dust – why can they not just come out with some decent combo plans that include the 6gb plan? Seriously, in the age of LTE people are soon going to learn that 2GB doesn’t go far. Even on my 3G 4S I still regularly burn through at least 4GB, sometimes 5 or more.

    I can see the “hey, what’s with all the overage charges!?” complaints in about a month.

  • PDS

    I just picked up my 5 yesterday, I was off contract since July. Went from a 3G to the 5. Night and day and then some. I had a $60 plan before and upped it to the $80 plan with unlimited talk, long distance and text with 2Gig of data. On the 3G I barely used 100 mg of data, so I think I should be in the clear. But as someone mentioned, I still have to pay an extra $8 for Call Display, something I really need for business purposes.

  • MHToronto

    My plan got even cheaper, and I have a Fido 6GB data pack ($30) now as well! I got: $30 standard voice (unlimited incoming)/ unlimited text plan $30 6GB add on $11 value pack for voicemail and caller display etc They waived my upgrade fees, and they gave me a credit to bring it all back to $60 square (plus taxes). Can’t complain – that’s $20 a month cheaper than my bill before! Have said that – I was month to month before on a great package too, but it was coming to $89 a month incl tax. PS. I find it ironic that I am yet to make a call on my iPhone, despite picking it up on the 21st.