Rogers/Fido Prepaid Data Passes to Receive New Prices Starting Feb. 6th


Update 1: Rogers will also be applying the same prepaid data pass changes as well. (Thanks Jonathan!)


Fido Prepaid Data Passes are set to receive a new price overhaul as of February 6th, 2012. These data passes are available daily and weekly for prepaid customers that want to use small amounts of data with their smartphones or mobile phones, and were launched back in the Fall of 2009.

Data Day Pass
$2 for 20MB (current price)
$1 for 10MB (new price)

Data Week Pass
$7 for 125MB (current price: 5.6 cents/MB)
$5 for 60MB (new price: 8.3 cents/MB)

As you can see from the above, the Data Week Pass revision will result in a 48% increase in price, along with a 33% reduction in data allotment. Fido Prepaid Data Pass users, let us know what you think of these changes.

Thanks Beetle for the tip!


  • guest

    Rogers is also receiving new Data Passes starting February 6th. I got a text message:
    “Rogers Service msg: NEW Canadian Data Passes available Feb6/12. Day pass $1 for 10 MB & Week Pass $5 for 60MB. See

  • While Telus has 100MB for $10/month on prepaid which is perfect for people who use very little, very often. Even the least expensive option with this Fido offer is $30/month which is dumb. I like Fido and am a post-pay customer but my wife switched from Fido to Telus exactly due to this poorly thought out pricing.

  • Beetle

    shame on you, Fido

  • Toysandme-1

    Still doing their best to provide the most expensive mobile “service” in the world.

  • Wuju

    switch from Fido to Chat-R in the new year. Stupid Fido

  • Ex

    Hell’s yes! This is service for the elite in society!

    * cries in corner *

  • Ex

    Seems many people are moving from Rogers/Fido to Telus. Telus had some fantastic offers in 2011.

  • Eric S. Smith

    Worse — though not relevant to iPhone users — they seem to be dropping their excellent 1$/day or 3$/week unlimited pass for what they call “mobile phones and quick messaging phones,” their not-a-smartphone category.  The new rates are for “mobile phones and smartphones.”

    Compare old and new:

  • Anonymous

    I thought somehow this would be a change for the better. I guess Rogers just provides less for more money,the ROGERS WAY!

  • Martin Chartrand

    It costs 10 Argentinian Pesos (about 2$CAD) / 48 hours / 1GB data with Movistar in Argentina.  Nice to see our big telcos in Canada still raping its customers 

  • TomsIphone

    With the amount of free WiFi around these days (McDonalds, Tims and so on) I haven’t had data for years.  I refuse to pay the prices that they try and gouge out of you.  If there’s no wifi around, I wait! 

    If everyone started to do that, the prices may come down.  I doubt it but maybe 🙂

  • TOSealer

    Decided to switch from Fido pre-paid to 7/11 Speakout.  They have $10/month unlimited data (and cheaper texting and calling rates too!).