Fido Releases 2GB Data Plan for $25


For new and existing Fido users, the company has released a 2G/$25 data plan, with an additional 1GB for $10. According to the fine print, if you exceed your included data you will be charged in $5 increments.

In terms of $/GB, this plan does not beat the coveted 6GB/$30 data plan is currently available from Bell, Telus, and Rogers (expires on Feb 28th).

[via Fido, MobileSyrup]


  • Max19

    I am surprised that reaction to this is so negative. This is the first real movement on a 1 GB+ plan for less than $30/month, and for that reason I think it’s huge and a big plus for consumers. Now we wont be forced to pay $30/month for anything more than a few hundred megabytes per month.

  • The $30/6GB plan still offers more value in terms of $/GB as noted above. It’s just a $5 difference.

  • Anonymous

    Except it’s temporary and will expire …

  • mrs_funkk

    Is this a permanent change or a temporary promo?

  • Gerry18

    Here I am paying $25 for 500mb. I should automatically get switched over to the 2GB plan.

  • Anonymous

    2GB should be enough for anyone who doesn’t tether. In any case, always nice to see more offered. 

  • guest

    its was not valid for a customer who was already under a 3 years contract, 

  • guest

    not available for a 3 years contract. Im in a 3 years contract huh!

  • Dboivert

    Will Rogers follow?

  • Mike

    I have the 6gb/$30 data plan through Fido. Signed up this past December. Although I’m coming no where near using my limit, it’s nice to know that the data is there if I need it. I can also see using more in the summer, being outside and all.

  • Max19

    Gary, you’re a smart guy so I’m surprised you’re ignoring the statistics. Stats show that 90+% of iphone users wont go over 2 GB a month. That means that if this $25 for 2 GB concept gains traction like the 6GB for $30 has and is expanded to be offered on 3 year agreements, then that’s 90%+ of the iphone subscribers that will save $180 over the life of their 3 year contracts.

  • Max19

    Tell me an offer from any provider that isn’t “temporary and will expire”

  • Anonymous

    I’m wondering the same thing. Should I just call fido and tell them to switch me to the 2GB plan? I am also paying $25 for 500MB

  • Gerry18

    I was thinking of doing the same as well by calling them. Will let you know if I’m eligible or not.

  • KK

    If this add-on is month-to-month, this is actually pretty solid if you can’t get the $30/6gb plan.

  • Guest

    The deal from Mobilicity is $10/month for unlimited. even if they do throttle you after 6gb, its still $10. I just wished the big 3 would just lower the prices already.

  • Hi Max, I understand not everybody uses a lot of data. But I was speaking from the numbers, and they don’t lie in terms of $/GB. But yes, I agree the $25 for 2GB is a start since it’s much better than only 500MB for $25.

    Personally though, the extra $5 for the 6GB plan comes in handy for tethering and more. But if someone doesn’t want all that, sure, the $180 in savings over 3 years might be worth it.

  • Ex

    You can do this only if your $25/500MB plan is not on contract. If it is, you’ll pay the cancelation fee and then be moved to the new $25/2GB plan because the new plan has no contract and is not available on contracts.

  • Anonymous

    I tried, they wouldn’t do it. Oh well… I hardly cross 300MB per month, so I guess its not a big deal.

  • devin

    if the 6gb data plan expires on the 28th could i still go in on the 28th and get it ?

  • kelvin

    You can’t sign up for this 2gb data plan if you are on a 3 years contract!!!  That’s stupid.  I am on a $25 500mb data on a 3 year plan.  So basically meaning people on a month to month are getting a hell lot better deal than someone with a contract.  Not impress!!

  • Stansoid

    Not for nothing, but I am 7 months off the end of my3 yr contract.. I called up yesterday and threatened to pull the trigger on my contract and they moved me from the 500 meg @ $25 plan to 6 gb @ $30….