Fido Releases New $30 Incoming Plan For iPhone


Effective today, Fido has launched a new $30 Unlimited Incoming plan. The stated expiration date for the promotion is May 2, 2011.

You might notice that this plan is almost identical to the recently expired $35 Unlimited Incoming plan. While the new plan is $5 less per month, it does not have Caller Display or 6PM early evenings, as the $35 Incoming plan did.

$30 Unlimited Incoming Plan

This new plan from Fido is available on a 3-year contract for an iPhone. With the plan and a minimum $25 data plan on a 3-year contract, customers receive promotional pricing on an iPhone device ($159/$269).

For reference, the plan is detailed below:

  • Price: $30/month
  • Minutes: 150 daytime
  • Evenings/Weekends: Unlimited @ 7PM
  • Features: Unlimited incoming local calls, unlimited international text messaging (Canada to Canada, Canada to US, Canada to outside North America)
  • Promotions: None

For those that missed out on the $35 Unlimited Incoming plan from Fido, this is the closest plan to the expired $35 offer. However, as mentioned previously, no caller display or 6PM evenings.

If you call Fido to get this plan (available to new and existing customers) and the rep has no idea what plan you are talking about, just provide the following plan codes (called SOC codes) for your chosen contract:

  • Monthly: FCNMM220E
  • 2-Year: FCN 24220E
  • 3-Year: FCN 36220K

Internal screen shot below:


  • Cyruskafaiwu

    Why am | on rogers again?

  • Scott Brookes

    I don’t get this y not keep the plan u have and just add the $15 a month unlimited incoming add on

  • Hyunwoo Lim

    $35 plan was the only decent Fido retail plan and it is gone. This industry obviously needs more competition. Fido begins denouncing Wind mobile’s Tab promotion on its website. I hope it would make its monthly plans and long-term agreement policy more reasonable instead of picking on the new mobile carrier.

  • Anonymous

    Not bad, cheapest they’ve offered with unlimited international texting, which is why I have the old $35 plan.

  • PawLah

    I love how you added ” Just in case the rep has no idea what you’re talking about “… that’s just about what happens every time I call customer service.