Fido Releases New $35 Incoming Plan For iPhone


Let’s do a brief recap of recent Fido activity:

1.) The company updates its CityFido plans so they can be used in any CityFido Zone in Canada. Survey says: Good

2.) Then the Rogers/Fido network (same company) starts to fail in reception and just overall quality. Survey says: Bad

3.) Then Fido decides to charge a $25.00 fee across all upgrades for all customers. Survey says: Really Bad

4.) Then the company changes its iPhone policy and makes it mandatory to have at least a $25 voice plan and $25 data plan to receive promotional device pricing. Survey says: Bad.

5.) Fido then makes 6PM early evenings a standard feature across all plans that have evenings and weekends. Survey says: Really Good.

6.) Now the company is releasing a new Unlimited Incoming plan to combat Virgin Mobile. Survey says: Good

So with that, it seems Fido is improving again.

However as per number 6, Fido has launched a new $35 unlimited incoming plan to directly combat the recent $35 unlimited incoming plan from Virgin Mobile.

$35 Unlimited Incoming Plan

This new plan from Fido available on a 3-year contract for an iPhone. With the plan and a minimum $25 data plan on a 3-year contract, customers receive promotional pricing on an iPhone device ($159/$269).

For reference, the plan is detailed below:

  • Price: $35/month
  • Minutes: 150 daytime
  • Evenings/Weekends: Unlimited @ 6PM <– Now Standard!
  • Features: Unlimited incoming local calls, unlimited international text messaging (Canada to Canada, Canada to US, Canada to outside North America)
  • Promotions: Free Caller Display

Overall, this is not a bad offer, especially the 6PM evenings and free Caller Display. For comparison, the plan from Virgin Mobile is exactly the same, except I don’t believe Virgin has unlimited International text as part of their $35 package.

So if you’re looking to get an iPhone with Fido service, this is probably one of their best plans right now. Also note that the offer has not yet been updated on their website. Internal screenshot below:


  • Mark

    Thanks for that information, called in and changed my plan. Had to give the rep the SOC code.

  • Ex

    Amazing how they don’t know their own plan codes! Hahaha

  • Tom

    If I upgrade my current plan to this one, will Fido charge me a $25 upgrade fee?

  • Ex

    No. The upgrade fee is for hardware.

  • Tom

    I see, thanks.

  • Speedy-T

    wow. For a new person, great deal. But I currently get the SAME package for $25 + tax.

  • Anonymous

    Including international texting?

  • Anonymous

    Does this automatically reset your contract? i.e. if you were 2 years into a 3 year contract and you switch your phone portion to this new plan, are you locked in for another 3 years?

  • Mark

    No the contract length stays the same.

  • Anonymous

    If they can get 100mb or 150mb for $40-$45/month that would be a very good plan for a lite user who has wifi everywhere they go and 3G data when they don’t (like at a mall or in the car etc…)

    Make it happen Rogers

  • Noahattic

    it is a really good plan with call display. BUT 3 goods 3 bads…. Fido isn’t improving….. just stays where it is…

  • Speedy-T

    OK. good point. I don’t have the international texting… but I don’t text anyone ‘internationally’… and for that savings of $120/year, I can live with that 😉

  • Rogers seems to have a promotion – $50/month – including 200 minutes + 500meg – saw it at Sherway Gardens here in Toronto 2 days ago.

  • ML

    They used to offer this plan for $25 some years ago. Unlimited incoming can also be added for $10 to any plan now.

    Can’t complain about my plan: 200 minutes + Unlimited evening and week-end + Unlimited Fido to Fido local calls + Visual Voice Mail package + 2500 text messages + 5 p.m. evenings + incoming calls free + 6GB data… $64.97 tax included.

  • Leftwing Pinko

    Is this a limited time offer? On Fido’s homepage it says “offers end Dec. 31” but when you get to the plan page, there’s no mention of expiry…

  • Ol

    Hi just wanted to add something..I just called today to switch to $35 plan from my old $25unlimited incoming plan (which was about $45-50 after taxes, system access fees, voicemail, call display, etc). And $35 seemed like a better deal, BUT dude charge me $35 administration fee ( Not activation fee) because I’m switching from older plan or something like that… I also ordered a new phone and thankfully I was somehow exempt from $25 hardware upgrade fee. Sooo wtf to you Fido!?