Fido to Also Offer US Data Roaming Plan, $7.99/day, 50MB


On Friday Rogers announced it was set to introduce a new US data roaming add on for $7.99 per day, which includes 50MB of data. Now, according to our sources Fido will also introduce this same offer later this spring, even though it was confirmed the carrier would not receive it.

Coming this spring, customers roaming in the U.S. will be charged $7.99/50 MB for use over a 24-hour period. This will replace the current U.S. internet roaming pay-per-use rate and all data passes (talk and text packs will still be available).

Customers will not need to sign up and will automatically be charged the $7.99/50 MB rate per day while roaming in the U.S upon their first byte of usage. If the customer exceeds 50 MB within the 24-hour period, the rate of $7.99/50 MB will continue until the 24-hour period expires.

As for why Fido is making the changes? The document notes “our customers have told us they want to use their devices while travelling just like they would at home [and] want more cost certainty and affordable pricing when using the internet on their wireless device while travelling.”

Again, 50MB of data per day is what Fido says is nearly twice what average consumers use domestically and should be good for “approximately 50 maps (non-3D), 200 web pages, 1,000 emails, or over 5,000 tweets.”

The $7.99 add-on would be an easy option for those looking to briefly use the internet for the day. Readers have noted more cost effective long term U.S. data roaming options include using unlocked devices with Roam Mobility or pay as you go with T-Mobile.

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  • einsteinbqat

    People should just get their phone unlocked, and get a SIM in the US. It’s so much better, and way, way, less expensive.

  • wuju

    which company and plan could I use to go for those short one week or two trip, once or twice yearly to the state?

  • einsteinbqat

    I used AT&T

  • MichaelD

    Roam Mobility (which resells T-Mobile service) was terrible on my trip to Las Vegas last year. You’re restricted to EDGE, which I would have been fine with. However, despite my iPhone reporting full EDGE service, only worked ~10% of the time. I contacted their support and just received cookie cutter responses that did nothing to help me.

    Maybe things have improved since then (June 2012), but I’ll be spending my money elsewhere on my next trip.

  • Lim

    H2O Wireless offers a good rate for pay-as-use data. (You don’t have to buy a package.)

  • JoeFlaherty

    I’ve had great success with StraightTalk. You can pick up a SIM at any Wal-Mart, then plunk $45 onto your account anytime you’re in the USA. It’s unlimited text, talk and data for a month. Even if you’re there for a week, it’s cheaper than the new Fido/Rogers idea in the article.

    The only drawback I find is that I can’t forward SMS, so I still need to plunk my Fido SIM card in once every day or two just to get them.