Fido’s $57 Promo Plan Gets Double the Data, Now Includes 2GB


Just a quick note on Fido’s $57 promotional voice and data plan. We earlier noted it was quietly extended to January 7th of 2013, and now it appears to have gotten even better. As spotted by iPhone in Canada readerย @habsfan324, the data allowance has now doubled to 2GB, essentially making this a fantastic plan for unlocked iPhone users (beating out Koodo’s similar $60 plan from today). Even with the data overage of $10/GB, that essentially makes this a $67 unlimited Canada-wide plan with 3GB of data, plenty for the average user.

The plan is only available month-to-month or on two year terms. So that means you won’t be able to apply a three year iPhone subsidy to this promo plan. The explanation we got from Rogers regarding this is below (in case you missed it):

The plan is only available on a 2-year Fido Agreement because the plan comes with a lower subsidy and we pass those saving to our customers with lower-priced plans and shorter (2-year)terms. Customers who are not on a term-agreement or have purchased the device at full cost are eligible for this plan.

fido 57 promo plan

Anyone on this plan right now or thinking about switching to it?


  • Currently on Rogers in the midst of a 3 year contract that expires August 2013. Does anyone know if I can switch to Fido and this plan without a massive penalty since Rogers owns Fido? Any information is GREATLY appreciated.

  • I had a friend who added up the costs and decided it was worth paying a few hundred dollars to buy out his Rogers plan, unlock his phone, and sign up for this plan on Fido. When he called Rogers to cancel his contract, they transferred him to retentions and matched the plan (well, nearly, they gave it to him for $60/month) and he didn’t have to pay out his contract. Not guaranteed, but I’d add up the cost and make the call. I think the key is that he was seriously planning to switch. They don’t do much for you if they can smell that you’re bluffing.

    As for a direct answer to your question, I have heard that Rogers and Fido have a policy that you can switch once from one carrier to the other and get out of your plan with no penalty costs. I can’t remember what it’s called, but you could ask about that too.

  • This sounds pretty great. This is likely worth paying the crazy fees to buy out my contract just so I can switch to this plan. I’ve got a call to make later today!

  • Paf

    Lower the price by $2 and add 4GB of data and you’ve got my retention plan! I’ll have to call Fido soon…

  • Same here. This plan is awesome.

  • gtasscarlo

    Time to get Rogers to price match, I hope i can get my credits retained.

  • Judy

    I don’t know if it’s a big thing for anyone, but I always like caller ID. And like its parent company of Rogers, these plans do not include.

  • Fido porting from Rogers

    Yes, you can port from Rogers to Fido and pay a one time $100 ‘porting fee’ and it waives your ‘early cancellation fees’, which would have cost me $280. So in the end I saved $180 and I figure I would make up the $100 porting fee in a matter of months when comparing my old Rogers blackberry plan to the new Fido $57 plan. And, yes, I had to pay to unlock my Blackberry, that’s the only other additional cost to factor in.

  • OracleGuy

    I just switched from Rogers to this Fido plan a week ago. Does anyone know if Fido would be doubling my data automatically? Or would I need to phone and request it?

  • joeyconnick

    What are you talking about? This plan includes the Value Pack, which comes with: Call Display with Name Display and WhoCalledTM1

  • V

    Same here. Just switched like a two weeks ago. I think they wouldn’t double anything automatically, though.

  • I’ve emailed Rogers to clarify. Stay tuned.

  • If anyone with fido more than a year with 3 years contract and wanna move to to Rogers doing new 3 years contract Rogers will take care the ECF for fido.

    Everyone is eligible once in a lifetime but should have been with fido at least 12 months.

  • Raul Restrepo

    Please let us know. I switched to this plan 2 weeks ago, should I call them or would this be automatically be switched over?

  • Moe A

    I just called Fido and they said its not automatic and they would have to switch you over…currently their system is down

  • Rogers PR says they are finding out for me. Stay tuned.

  • Wuju

    I just called Fido and you have to call to switch from 1G to 2G. It does not go automatically. Thanks for this post. Greatly appreciated.

  • tomm

    I just called Fido to sign up for this updated 2 gb plan and was told to call back on Tuesday, that they can’t switch my plan – something crashed and they don’t know when it will be fixed. There’s something fishy here, why would it take till Tuesday to fix it? Even RIM would fix it faster.

  • Raul Restrepo

    I contacted Fido, and they updated the plan accordingly.

  • Olley

    They had been calling me about this promo in the past 2 weeks. Literally 3 calls a day for 14 friggin’ days… I had the number marked as do not answer with a silent ringtone and i thought they ‘d just leave me alone. NOPE, calls kept coming in. I was pissed yesterday and decided to answer the call… demanded for her supervisor because I’m going to my plan if they keep calling. Anyways no more Fido calls today ๐Ÿ˜€

    Gone a bit naughty lol ๐Ÿ˜› Sorry

  • OracleGuy

    Tuesday? That does seem weird. Maybe I’ll try them tomorrow.

    2 GB included, with $10/GB overage is great.

  • mcfilmmakers

    I’m going to buy out my 3 year contract for my iphone 5 to get this plan – after 1 year you make 90% of the money back in savings. After 3 years, you save over 650$!

  • Does anyone know if my Rogers iPhone 4 will work with Fido if I switch? Or will I need to pay for an unlock?

  • MrXax

    Fido, until you start offering this plan on 3-year contracts, you can go fuck yourself.

  • AZ

    That depends on how much your monthly plan costs now. iPhone 5 subsidy is 520$ over three years. That means you save 14.44$+tax for every month that you stay in the contract. So if your current plan is (57$+14.44$)+tax, you break even. If it’s less than that, you are going to be loosing money until your three year is up, and only then start saving back; If you stay in the same plan, that is. The other downside is, you’ll have to shell out the 520+tax (or the remaining portion depending on however many month left in your contract).

  • AZ

    I meant “… shell out the 520$+tax upfront”

  • Rickyscv

    Koodo is offering this as well and Saturday Virgin will also match it.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    youll need to pay for unlock

  • Cancellation fees are capped at $400 for voice and $100 for data, no? If you signed up before January 2012 that is.

    I know of a friend paying $72+tax on an iPhone 4S contract, 1 year in (but using an unlocked iPhone 5). It would be worth paying to port over from Rogers to Fido ($100), signing a two year contract with the $57 plan (saving the $35 admin fee; canceling only costs $12.50) and getting a free Galaxy Nexus to sell to save even more.

  • AZ

    With the current contracts (or agreements in Fido speak) there are no caps, you just pay the remaining of your subsidy. iPhone 5 subsidy is 520$. If your subsidy was lower (for different phones) you pay the remaining of that. It’s surprisingly fair actually…

  • AZ

    That’s because your current plan is more that 71.44$+tax (if I didn’t mess up in my math). For anyone with a plan less than that, you would actually loose money until your three year agreement is up, and only after then you start to save money back.

  • mcfilmmakers

    True, but if your plan is less than 70$, you don’t have all of the features in the plan mentioned hence you don’t need the plan in the first place. For those that do already have these features, but are paying more for them, it is far, far, far cheaper to buy out your contract and switch to this plan.

  • AZ

    Yea, you have point.
    I guess I’m one of the few ones that switching is not really worth it. I have a retention plan that is 65$, and the 57$ plan is not adding much value in terms of features for my use case.

  • James

    I am kind of in a similar situation. I’ve just renewed my $76 3-year contract for my iPhone5. If I were to buy it out, it’ll cost me almost $520+tax as early cancellation fee. Not sure if it is worth it. I just spoke with Fido rep and I was told that if I do it, I can get the $57 plan only on a month-to-month basis, not on a 2-year term. The only plus side is I can get my iPhone unlocked, but paying $520+tax upfront is a lot of money.

  • OracleGuy

    Rogers/Fido customer service systems are back up. I just called Fido (no hold time even) and the CSR switched me to 2 GB, no problem.

    I said that Fido must be getting lots of action with this $57 plan. “You can’t even imagine.” was his reply.

    And just to confirm for anyone unsure — this plan DOES include Visual Voicemail. If you don’t have an iPhone it comes as a text message with the voicemail transcribed to text (pretty cool actually). When I first switched they hadn’t enabled VVM for my iPhone so that’s how it worked. But if they know you have an iPhone, then it’s the proper iPhone visual voicemail. And it does include Caller ID too.

  • You can do an internal ‘port’ over to Fido for $100. I was on a 3 year iPhone 4S contract (1 year in), and I have ported over to Fido today successfully.
    The port depends on a variety of factors (good credit, good account, etc), but Rogers will charge me my $500 cancellation fee first. Then, 15 days into my Fido plan I call back Rogers and they make an adjustment so it’s only $100. I will find out in two weeks.

  • mcfilmmakers

    It’s still worth it: 76$ x 36 months = 2,736$. (57$ x 36 months) + 520$ = $2,572 for a total savings of 164$.

    Remember, it is more than about saving money. It is about teaching providers that we want more value for our money. Unless we switch, they won’t lower prices.

  • mcfilmmakers

    Throw in taxes and you’re talking big savings here!

  • James

    Porting is a very good suggestion, but it doesn’t help me as I am already on Fido. I asked the rep if I there was a way to change my 3-year contract to 2-year (I am willing to pay some penalty), but nope, the only option available to me was to pay ECF of $520+tax and then go on $57 plan month-to-month.

  • James

    You have a point. Did you make the switch yet? If you did, were you given the same option of going month-to-month on the $57 plan..?? Thanks.

  • James

    BTW, I am already with Fido, so maybe that’s why rep didn’t care much as they know I am already stuck for 3years.

  • Jon

    It is illegal to pay tax on a cancellation fee- you are repaying a subsidy, not buying out the phone

  • Jon

    10$ overage is terrible.

  • OracleGuy

    Compared to what? Rogers is $15/GB!

  • AZ

    That sucks! I was hoping that they would let you sign a two year contract and give you some subsidy because of that, as opposed to stay month to month. I’ll try the same thing and see what happens…

  • AZ

    Are you sure? Cause to me it make sense and it sounds fair. The phone is 699+tax. They are giving it to you for 179+tax. So if you want to cancel the next day, they should charge you 520+tax. If they only charged you 520, they would loose money, and people would abuse it. The difference is 65 dollars!

  • James

    Indeed. Let me know what they say..

  • xxxJDxxx

    Do i just call Rogers and ask? Will I need to buy a Fido nano Sim before I call ? or how quickly does the ‘switch’ happen?

  • You call Rogers retentions, it’s only available if they offer it as a last resort to keep you. I asked for it and they let me go for it. I got transferred to fido which setup my new account. I then went to future shop to finish the job, signed two years for the htc one s, got a bonus $150 in FS gift certificates. Activate fee waived.

    FS gave me a nano sim for my unlocked iPhone 5 instead. Going to sell the htc one s.

    If you have a fido sim on you, they’ll be able to make the switch on the phone. Full number port took about a day for me, kept on having to power cycle.

    Rogers will charge me $500 cancellation up front, but after 15 days with fido I call Rogers for them to refund $400, so I pay $100 in the end. Your account must be in good standing etc

  • Yes, that’s what I meant. My current plan is $85/month, so that’s a lot higher than $57+$15. The only snag would be having to pay all of that up front. I’ll have to call in and see how much it’ll cost me up front and decide then.

  • xxxJDxxx

    So I called Rogers today. The rep told me that I was eligible to ‘port’ to Fido for $100. She also told me that I woud have to re-sign with Fido on a 3 year commitment..? She also said that I am not able to use an iPhone 5 on Fido’s network….?? Both statements sounded untrue to me since, as far as i know, fido doesn’t offer 3 year contracts and other people are using iPhone 5’s on the FIdo network.

    Anyway, she offered me the same plan as the Fido one, with 3GB instead of 2 for $65 so I just went with that. I didn’t have to re-sign and it will take at least a year to make back that extra $8 savings.

  • So, I called yesterday and interestingly enough they offered me another option that I didn’t have to buy out my contract for (so I assume it’s a 3-year plan). He told me it’s an unannounced plan that should be coming out on Friday. $10/month more and only 1000 daytime minutes instead of unlimited, but it worked with my iPhone-subsidized contract, so I was happy.

    Keep your eye on Fido’s website on Friday, Gary. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I called yesterday and was told about a new plan that will be coming out on Friday that works for subsidized 3-year contracts. It’s $10/month more than this one, and has 1000 daytime minutes instead of unlimited, but you don’t have to buy out your contract to switch to it, so for me it was a no-brainer. Keep your eye on their website on Friday. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • These plans do include caller ID last time I checked.

  • Thanks. We’ve heard whispers of this plan too.

  • James

    How much data does it have..?? Sometimes my usage goes over 1000 minutes (I have the local unlimited cityfido grandfathered plan), so it might not work for me.

  • It’s got the 2GB of data, like this plan does. Note that it’s also 1000 minutes of daytime usage, evenings and weekends are still unlimited.

  • James

    Thanks. I have transferred to this new plan, will see how the 1000 minutes hold up. I wish they had more minutes though.

  • With 1000 minutes, you’ll have about 51 outgoing minutes per day between 7am to 5pm, M-F.

    But incoming is free. So tell people to call you instead ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Pete

    That’s the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard.