Fido’s $67 ‘Unlimited’ iPhone 5 Plan Updated with Unlimited Outgoing Minutes


Last week we told you about Fido’s $67 plan that was eligible for a three year term with the iPhone 5. The plan essentially matched the $56 (formerly $57) promo plan but only had 1000 outgoing Canada-wide minutes.

Well, that has changed as of today. Fido has just modified the plan to include unlimited outgoing Canada-wide minutes instead of just 1000. We were able to confirm the changes with Fido. So below is what the plan looks like now:

fido $67 plan

This plan is not advertised on, but is available if you call in and is available on a month to month term or three years for existing subscribers. If you’re already on this plan, you need to call in and make a plan adjustment for the unlimited outgoing minutes (or talk to Fido’s online chat).

Let us know if you’re going to jump on this. No word if we’re going to see this plan drop by a $1…but there’s always wishful thinking right?

Thanks @ftwphoto!


  • wahgee

    $60 would be good.

  • chair51

    If you already have the plan you have to call in to get it changed to this. They’ll do it no problem – it just isn’t automatic (considered a new plan).

  • Chang

    I called in just now, and they said only 1000 minutes

  • Mo

    Nope. My brother just called a minute ago and they gave him the unlimited one. Call them again

  • Jon

    Talking to fido chat right now!

  • birdman

    I have this exact plan but with 6GB. It took a few calls over a 3 month period but i got them down. When my contract is up next October i will try to get it down to $60

  • nofido

    Is this only for existing subscribers? I was turned away at the Fido store.

  • wahgee

    Dial *611

  • Paf

    I have what you want for $55,50. Give it a try 😉

  • Eric Lewis

    I just called fido apparently the $67 unlimited plan is only for customers who have less then 12 months remaining. He did not make much sense.

  • Jon

    Not true. I switched to it and have a full 3 year term to go.

  • Eric Lewis

    Maybe that rep didn’t know. Ill call again.

  • aL

    Just got off the phone with Fido, got UNLIMITED outgoing !!! Thanks Gary…….CHEERS !!!

  • 🙂

  • James

    Awesome Gary, thanks for this post. I just got it changed from 1000 outgoing to unlimited. So glad I read ur blog.

  • Nice!

  • einsteinbqat

    How did you do that?

  • maneezy

    Just got the phone yesterday and called in today to change the plan over to this deal.
    Apparently you have to fulfill 3 or 6 months (I can’t remember) with fido in order to get the deal. But the representative was able to apply it to my account starting next month! Thanks Gary for the info.! This is such an awesome deal.

  • Cheers! 🙂

  • Michaeal

    Only for the existing customer. Talk with customer relation for 20minutes to get this plan. They said “NO”

  • birdman

    I had to make several calls to retentions and say i was going to cancel and buyout my contract if i didnt lower my bill. I was prepared to switch if i had to but retentions came through for me. It does take a few calls but eventually you will get what you want.

  • Deetz

    Got my mins updated to unlimited, thanks Gary!

  • Woot!

  • vancouverite

    I’m an existing customer with fido (2 years and a bit) and to their credit, when I asked what they could do for me to improve my iphone plan they offered my this $67 deal straight away. Thanks for keeping us up to date on this, it is good to know what to shoot for.

    Also, I wonder how this media hype calling for a ban on 3-year plans will affect things. Thoughts?

  • It should lead to cheaper monthly plans, but higher up front costs for hardware.

  • Stephen

    I jumped on this plan after review of my current plan that was $1 less. Now I have 1.5GB data more and unlimited Canada calling. Thanks Fido

  • Morgan

    Is this plan unzoned, too? I’ve been paying $30 for 6GB of data and this is a way better plan! I’ll call and see about switching.

  • Yes

  • john

    sigh. current customers only though…